Office of Assessment

Co-curricular Assessment

Academic Advising

Every Spring semester, students are asked to complete a survey about their experience with academic advising. The results are separated and distributed to each department. The overall findings are presented at the Annual Faculty Retreat.


CASA Academic Success Peer Tutoring

The Center for Academic Support and Advising (CASA) annually assesses their Academic Success Peer Tutoring program to not only improve the program overall, but uses the data gathered from the survey to offer feedback and training to Peer Tutors.


College Tomorrow

High school students who attend College Tomorrow are asked to complete a survey that incorporates indirect and direct assessment of the overall program.


Supplemental Instruction

Courses that are included in the Supplemental Instruction program, led by the Center for Academic Support and Advising (CASA), conducts assessments to monitor progress and measure the success of students who take advantage of the additional support.


STEM Vision Grant Project

As a result of a Vision Project Grant, STEM faculty members were engaged with a redesign of their course(s). During the Fall 2012 and Spring 2013 semester, several STEM faculty members participated in the assessment of their course as a result of this revised approach. To protect confidentiality, only pre-course survey results are posted here.



Framingham State University offers courses that are “linked” by the same students in both courses and common themes presented by the professors. Both instructors work closely together to develop curricula that help students learn material in ways that, on the surface, do not seem compatible. At the request of the faculty members teaching these courses, the Office of Assessment developed an open-ended student survey to better understand the format of these linked-courses. The qualitative data was analyzed and presented to the faculty members.


First-year Foundations