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Faculty/Librarians Travel Instructions

Please follow these 3-step instructions for professional travel, for instance: Attending an off-campus meeting, observing a student teacher, or attending a conference, to guarantee a timely approval and reimbursement for expenses.

Step 1: Travel Authorization
Complete as follows regardless of funding sources.

Step 2: Travel Outside the Commonwealth
Only if trip is outside of Mass. New regulations REQUIRE that these steps be completed at least one week IN ADVANCE of out-of-state travel. This form must be completed even if no funds are being used.

Step 3: Travel Expense Voucher
After your trip, complete this form within 30 days from the start date of your travel- unless it is near the end of the fiscal year then please be aware that the dates change.


COLLECT ALL ORIGINAL RECEIPTS - All receipts should have:

  • Date & Time
  • Cost
  • How it was paid (i.e. cash, check* or credit card)

*Cancelled Check front and back copy or bank printout with check numbers under it.


That it was paid (zero Balance)

  • You should include a copy of your itinerary and/or conference agenda, where applicable.

If you use the Internet to book your travel please remember to printout all pages. Also include all boarding passes and hotel receipts that you receive, to back up the Internet printouts.

All travel forms, documents, and receipts relating to this travel MUST reference the General Encumbrance number.

Part-Time Faculty Travel Form


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