Travel Authorization

Step 1: Faculty/Librarian Travel Authorization

Complete as follows regardless of funding sources:

Section 1:

  • Name, Department, Dates of Travel & Destination
  • Description/Explanation of Travel - Name of conference/event. Your role, if any.

Section 2:

Course Coverage - If travel occurs during the academic week, please explain in detail arrangements for course coverage

Your department chair must approve all coverage plans BEFORE the trip commences and forward it to the Vice President for approval BEFORE your trip.

Section 3:

  • Funding source - When requesting travel money, please indicate the source of all funds. Each faculty member is allocated $400.00 through departmental travel funds. Other funding sources (Nursing Trust Fund, MERC, CELTSS, etc.) must be indicated. 
  • Approval signature - Department Chair
  • Send to the Department Secretary - The department secretary will forward the form to the Office of Academic Affairs for approval by the Academic Vice President.
  • The Office of Academic Affairs will return the signed forms to the department secretary.

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