Travel Outside of the Commonwealth

STEP 2:   TRAVEL OUTSIDE THE COMMONWEALTH: (Only if trip is outside of Mass). New regulations REQUIRE that these steps be completed at least one week IN ADVANCE of out-of-state travel.  This form must be submitted even if no funding is being used. 

Travel Outside of the Commonwealth Form - This form needs to be completed (including signatures) and must include the General Encumbrance number.

  • Date Prepared
  • Name of Traveler(s)
  • Type of Traveler(s)
  • Destination
  • Dates of Travel (from/to)
  • Mode(s) of Transportation
  • Purpose of Travel
  • FOAP information (Fund, Organization, Account, Program)

This information should be supplied by the department secretary or chairperson.

  • Department Chair/Director's Authorization
  • Your Signature
  • Vice President's Signature

General Encumbrance - has to be created in Banner by the department secretary.  The Business Office will approve the encumbrance only once the completed Travel Outside of the Commonwealth Form is received.

Submit the Travel Outside the Commonwealth form once completed with General Encumbrance Number to the Business Office.

All travel forms, documents, and receipts relating to this travel MUST reference the General Encumbrance number.

***Travel Outside the Commonwealth and Travel Authorization form should be accompany each other for the Vice President's Signature.***

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