Kappa Pi

Theta Mu Charter Members
Theta Mu Charter Members

Framingham State University is proud to announce the charter of the Theta Mu Chapter of Kappa Pi, an Honorary Art Fraternity. Our local chapter works to increase the vibrancy and awareness of the Studio Art, Art Education and Art History programs at Framingham State by providing an open forum for discussion, informal study and communication amongst art majors. It's purpose is to raise the standards of productive artistic work at the university and to promote the standard of scholarship through the minimum academic requirements for membership. Additionally, it works to promote a standard of leadership by giving art majors the opportunity to actively participate in the liberal arts environment, and to foster a standard of service by providing a vehicle to actively participate in charitable activities in the community.

In order to qualify for membership, students must be majors in either Studio Art or Art History, have completed at six (6) Studio Art and/or Art History courses and hold a minimum 3.0 GPA in the major, along with a 2.0 cumulative GPA. Invitations to join Kappa Pi will be sent by the chair of the department and/or the faculty sponsor(s) each academic year. Members qualify for special scholarships through Kappa Pi, recieve membership pins, a subscription to The Sketchbook newsletter, and may purchase honor cords to wear with their regalia at commencement to designate their accomplishments. For more information about dues and qualifying for induction please contact Professor Bishop, or go to www.kappapiart.org.

Charter Executive Officers for AY 2012-13
Delia Guo, President
Amber Price, Vice-President
Ashlyn Roy, Treasurer
Deanna Collins, Secretary

Executive Officers for AY 2013-14
Maninder Salhotra, President
Anissa Rader, Vice-President
Gabrielle Lydon, Treasurer
Sara Capello, Secretary

Executive Officers for AY 2014-15
Marisa Belcufine, President
Emylia Terrell, Vice-President
Keith Faherty, Treasurer
Ariana Gath, Secretary


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