Art Education

The Art Education concentration is designed to prepare students with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary to teach art in the public schools. The minor (in pre-K-8 grade or 5-12 grade art education) expands up the Art Major’s foundation courses and the upper-level courses in Studio Art and Art History. The following skills are acquired and/or reinforced in Education in American Society, Professional Preparation and the Student Teaching Practicum. These skills are consistent with the standards for teachers upheld by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and include:

  • Curriculum and Instructional Planning
  • Delivery of Effective Instruction
  • Management of classroom climate and operations
  • Promotion of equity in the classroom
  • Meeting professional responsibilities

Click here for a downloadable document that describes the teaching career options for students selecting this concentration.

Click here for informational handout on the concentration and course sequence.

Studio Art Major Core
ARTH 270 History of Art I
ARTH 272 History of Art II
ARTH 273 Modern Art History
ARTS 200 Drawing Fundamentals
ARTS 203 Three-Dimensional Design or
   ARTS 241 Ceramics1 
ARTS 222 Color and Design
ARTS 230 Digital Tools for Art and Design
ARTS 254 Painting Methods
ARTS 300 Life Drawing2 
ARTS 419 Advanced Drawing Studio3

Art Education Concentration
ARTS 473 Special Topics in Studio Art or
   ARTS 290 Study Tour in Art and Architecture

One (1) of the following printmaking courses:
ARTS 261 Printmaking
ARTS 308 Woodcut
ARTS 328 Intaglio
ARTS 338 Lithography

One (1) of the following ceramics or sculpture courses:
ARTS 241 Ceramics
ARTS 266 Woodworking
ARTS 307 Functional Ceramics
ARTS 403 Sculpture
ARTS 416 Advanced Ceramics Studio

One (1) additional art history elective:
ARTH 282 American Art
ARTH 285 The Art of Asia
ARTH 288 Latin American Art or
   ARTH ___ 300 or 400-level Art History Elective

Note: Students with the Art Education Concentration must declare the appropriate Education Minor to complete the program.

Education Minor Concentration
EDUC 200 Education in American Society with Field Study I
EDUC 319 Professional Preparation and Field Study II
PSYC 200 Psychology of Development

Students choose either Elementary or Secondary Practicum courses below:
Elementary Licensure in Art (Pre-K - Grade 8)
EDUC 412 Student Teaching Practicum and Seminar I
EDUC 413 Student Teaching Practicum and Seminar II

Secondary Licensure in Art (Grades 5 - 12)
EDUC 423 Student Teaching Practicum and Seminar I           
EDUC 424 Student Teaching Practicum and Seminar II

1ARTS 203 Three-Dimensional Design is required for Art Education Concentration, 2Not required for concentration in Graphic Design, 3Not required for concentrations in Graphic Design or Illustration

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