Minor in Art or Art History

Students interested in minoring in either Art or Art History, should contact the chair or their academic advisor to seek approval for declaring their intentions.

Minor in Art 
Five (5) courses from the art curriculum (Studio Art and Art History) with the advice and approval of a member of the faculty.

Minor in Art History
One (1) of the following courses:
ARTH 160 Introduction to the World of Art
ARTH 270 History of Art I
ARTH 272 History of Art II

Four (4) additional Art History elective courses, including the above list and no more than one of the following:
COMM 210 History of Photography
ENGL 207 The Language of Film
ENGL 208 Film Genres
ENGL 209 Film History: 1885 to 1960
ENGL 229 Film History: 1960 to Present

*Studio Art Majors must complete one (1) course in addition to the Studio Core Requirements to Minor in Art History.

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