Major Requirements: Core Curriculum

The following twelve (12) courses constitute the Biology core curriculum required of Biology majors in all concentrations:

BIOL 160 Introduction to Organismal Biology
BIOL 161 Introduction to Cellular and Molecular Biology
BIOL 260 Cell Biology
BIOL 301 Genetics
BIOL 402 Processes of Organic Evolution
BIOL 406* Methods in Biological Research I
BIOL 407* Methods in Biological Research II

CHEM 107 Principles of Chemistry (Gen. Ed. Domain II-B)
CHEM 108 Principles of Chemistry and Quantitative Analysis
CHEM 207 Organic Chemistry I

MATH 200 Precalculus (Gen. Ed. Domain II-A)**
MATH 208 Biostatistics

* An original research project is required of all Biology majors, generally begun during the spring semester of the student's junior year and completed in the summer and/or fall semesters. Prior to enrollment in these courses, the student should meet with her/his advisor and with other Biology faculty to tailor the research project to the student's interests and career goals.

** Students proficient at the precalculus level should enroll in MATH 219 Calculus I to satisfy the Gen. Ed. Domain II-A

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