Marine Studies Consortium

Faculty Contact: Walter Lambert

The Biology Department has fostered an ongoing collaboration with the Marine Studies Consortium. The Consortium is an association of colleges, universities, museums, and marine research institutions in Massachusetts; its mission is to educate students in the disciplines of marine science and policy. A series of courses are offered on an annual or rotating schedule. Classes and laboratories usually are held in the evenings at facilities of member institutions (typically, Wheaton College, Wellesley College and The New England Aquarium, Boston). Saturday field trips to local coastal sites are common. For more information about the program and the courses offered, visit the Consortium's web site.

The collaboration with the Marine Studies Consortium allows students who have interests in specific oceanographic topics to explore them through courses not routinely offered by the College. Courses offered by the Consortium that are available for credit at the College include: BIOL 210, BIOL 305, BIOL 316, INTD 301, and INTD 302. See the campus representative (Dr. Walt Lambert, Biology Department) to learn more about the program and the application procedure. Application to the campus representative must be made one semester prior to participation in the course. Additional course fees apply as posted in the most recent master schedule of day division courses.

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