Management Major (UMG_)

Major Core courses (13):
 ACCT 220 Introduction to Financial Accounting
 ACCT 221 Introduction to Managerial Accounting
 BUIS 200 Introduction to Business Systems
 ECON 101 Principles of Macroeconomics
 ECON 102 Principles of Microeconomics
 FINA 330 Managerial Finance I
 MGMT 215 Legal Environment of Business
 MGMT 280 Organizational Behavior
 MGMT 372 Operations Management
 MGMT 485 Business Policy and Strategy
 MRKT 271 Marketing Principles

(The following two required courses can fulfill General Education requirements)
 MATH 118 Business Statistics (Gen. Ed. Domain II-A)
 MATH 218 Business Calculus (Gen. Ed. Domain II-A)


Management (UMGM)
Management majors learn the skills to create and perpetuate a successful business. Students will get a through education in the theories and principles of accounting, finance, marketing, economics, statistics, human resource functions and decision making.

Management Required courses (3):
 MGMT 308 Managing Across Cultures
 MGMT 381 Human Resource Management
 MGMT 412 International Business

Three Management electives (choose any three courses at the 300- level or above, having ENTR or MGMT subject code)

Entrepreneurship (UMGE)
Management majors with a concentration in entrepreneurship develop skills in general business with a focus on starting their own business or being an innovative employee for another firm. Students will work with area entrepreneurs at the FSU Entrepreneur Innovation Center to get hands on experience in the art of innovation and starting and managing a company. Students will get exposure to current idea development in the area as well as global examples of entrepreneurship.

Entreptreneurship required courses (3)
 ENTR 300 Entrepreneurship: Starting Your Business
 ENTR 301 Cultivating Innovation
 ENTR 495 Entrepreneurship Practicum, or
 MGMT 495 Management Internship with chair's approval

Entrepreneurship electives (choose three courses from the list):
 ACCT 428 Taxation
 ENTR 302 Social Entrepreneurship
 ENTR 495 Entrepreneurship Practicum, or
 MGMT 495 Management Internhip with chair's approval
 MGMT 300 Doing Business Abroad
 MGMT 308 Managing Across Cultures
 MRKT 310 Marketing Research
 MRKT 308 Digital and Social Media Marketing

International Business (UMGI)
Management majors with a concentration in international business develop skills in business with a global orientation. Students learn to assess international opportunities by identifying the foreign legal, cultural, economic, political, technological, natural, competitive environments, etc. influencing business decisions. Students also develop skills in understanding the soft skills of working with foreign business associates or customers. Students are encouraged to take advantage of our global faculty led-tours and study abroad options.

International Business required courses (3)
 MGMT 308 Managing Across Cultures
 MGMT 412 International Business
 MRKT 318 International Marketing

International Business Electives (choose three courses from the following list):
 MGMT 300 Doing Business Abroad
 ECON 200 Economics of Globalizations
 ECON 410 International Trade
 FINA 411 International Finance

Sports Management (UMGS)
A management major with a concentration in sports management provides students with the skills to apply the skills of management to the sports industry. The sports industry has become a significant domestic and international business involving players, fans, coaches and financial investors. Sports management is a broad field which allows students interested in sports and business to develop unique skills relevant to this industry.

Sports Management required courses (4):
 ECON 324 Economics of Sport
 MGMT 301 Sport Management
 MGMT 321 Sport Facility and Event Management
 MRKT 324 Sports Marketing

Sport Management electives (choose two courses from the following list):
 MGMT 300 Doing Business Abroad
 MGMT 381 Human Resource Management
 MGMT 308 Managing Across Cultures
 MGMT 495 Management Internship (can be repeated for total of two course credits)
 MGMT 412 International Business
 MRKT 313 Advertising and Promotions
 MRKT 318 International Marketing
 SOCI 220 Sport in Society

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