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Framingham State University requires all students claiming a disability to submit documentation that verifies the disability. Documentation on file must:

  • Clearly state the diagnosed disability or disabilities.
  • Describe the functional limitations resulting from the disability or disabilities.
  • Be current within three years for learning disabilities and for AD/HD and within six months for psychiatric impairments.  (This requirement does not apply to visual, hearing or mobility-related impairments.)
  • Include a complete educational, developmental and medical history relevant to the disability.
  • Include a list of all test instruments used in evaluation and relevant subtest scores.  (This requirement does not apply to visual, hearing or mobility-related impairments.)
  • Describe the specific accommodations, adaptive devices, assistive services, compensatory strategies and/or collateral support services requested.
  • Be typed or printed on official letterhead and be signed by an evaluator qualified to make the diagnosis, including licensure or certification and area of specialization.

While it is not practical to create specific protocols for documenting every possible condition that might be considered, the University has developed specific documentation guidelines for a learning disability; for Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder; for psychological impairments; for visual, hearing and mobility-related impairments; and for medical conditions. The Director of Academic Support reserves the right to request additional information should the submitted documentation be insufficient in providing a clear understanding of the disability or in providing enough information to determine academic accommodations.

High school Individualized Educational Programs (IEP’s) are not sufficient documentation upon which to base a request for academic accommodations.

The following guidelines contain specific documentation criteria:

Guidelines for Documentation of a Learning Disability

Guidelines for Documentation for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD)

Guidelines for Documentation for Psychiatric Impairments

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