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Yue Chen '15
Major: Sociology
Minor: Diversity Studies
Involvement: Student Leaders in Diversity, GenerationOne, Multicultural Affair Office Intern
Favorite part of being an ASPT: Being able to help a student and seeing that student improve gives me satisfaction.


Hannah Wilkins '15
Major: Psychology
Minor: Neuroscience
Involvement: Field Hockey, Green Team
Favorite part about being an ASPT: Helping students feel more confident about the work that they are doing. Being a part of academic success at FSU is rewarding.



Amy Jones '16
Major: Communications Arts
Minor: Sociology
Involvement: Alternative Spring Break Trip Leader, Larned Hall Resident Assistant, Black & Gold Orientation Leader
Favorite part about being an ASPT: I love meeting new students and working with them on their academics.



Levi Alves '15
Major: Business Administration
Minor: International Business
Involvement: Operations Coordinator at Entrepreneur Innovation Center, Metrowest Economic Research Center Intern
Favorite part about being an ASPT: Interaction with other students and being able to partake in the driving force on their path towards success.



Katie Moreau '16
Major: Early Childhood Education
Coordinate: Language Arts
Involvement: Corinne Hall Towers Resident Assistant, Student Admissions Representative, Education Club
Favorite part about being an ASPT: I love meeting new people and helping motivate students to stay organized and positive about school work!



Kendall Valente '15
Major: Sociology
Minors: Diversity Studies, Geography
Involvement: Corinne Hall Towers Administrative Resident Assistant, Student Government Association President, Foundations Peer Mentor, Black & Gold Orientation Leader
Reason for becoming an ASPT: I became an ASPT to help students through their FSU experience.  I wanted an opportunity to use all of my experiecnes to help others.  


Kristen Coogan '15
Major: General Communication
Minor: Writing
Involvement: WDJM 91.3 Ram Radio
Reason for becoming an ASPT: I was once a student in the PLUS program and had my own ASPT. I wanted to use my own experience to help other PLUS students.  


Justin Lin '15
Major: Geography with a Concentration in Global Studies
Minor: History
Involvement: Rugby, Student Admissions Representative
Favorite part about being an ASPT: Helping students reach their academic goals.



Shannon Martin '15
Major: Elementary Education
Coordinate: English
Involvement: Student Admissions Representative, Publicity Chair of FSU Dance team, Honors program, Alpha Lambda Delta, Education Club
Favorite part about being an ASPT: Working with and helping students succeed as well as meeting new people.



Sarah Carpenter '15
Major: Psychology
Involvement: President of Psi Chi, Secretary of Psychology Club, Dance Team, Conversations with the Earth Tutor
Reason for becoming an ASPT: I love being a subject tutor – it is great seeing students’ progress. I really wanted the chance to connect more with the students in a one-on-one environment and help them in more aspects of their college experience than just a single subject.



Michelle McGonagle '15
Major: Sociology
Minor: Criminology
Involvement: Black & Gold Orientation Leader, Student Involvement Leadership Development Intern, Foundation Peer Mentor
Reason for Becoming an ASPT: I wanted to help students succeed and prosper at Framingham State! 


Rachel Quist '15
Major: Elementary Education
Coordinate: History
Involvement: Student Admissions Representative, Security Desk Attendant
Favorite part about being an ASPT: Connecting with students who I would probably not have had the opportunity to know otherwise.

Victoria Dansereau '16
Minor: Criminology
Involvement: Foundations Peer Mentor, Psi Chi, Student Admissions Representative, Teaching Assistant in Psychological Research Methods
Favorite part about being an ASPT: Helping students become successful!


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