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Evolution of Food Production Technology  - E. Apostodolis
   October 15

Fall Lyceum Lecture  - L. Parker
   October 16

Poetic Justice: The Literary Activist Life of Charlotte Champe Stearns Eliot - B. Brinkman
   October 29

Teaching Climate since 1839: (Horace) Mann is it Hot in Here - L. McKenna
   October 29

Distinguished Faculty - Bollettino, Davis, Foster, Kolodny
   November 5

January Day
   January 8, 2015

Spring Lyceum Lecture - S. Massad
   April 9, 2015

Student Poster and Presentation Day
   May 1, 2015

Fall Lyceum Lecture

In addition to being “great reads” that still frighten us today, Victorian ghost stories and supernatural literature reflect the growing apprehension that Victorians felt in response to rapidly shifting cultural boundaries, such as changes in religion, new scientific theories, and advancing technology. Examining the Victorian fascination with the spectral encourages us to consider the ways in which our contemporary culture’s obsession with the supernatural may mark a similar discomfort with fast-paced social change.

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