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January Day (also known as the Faculty Development Day) provides a forum for FSU faculty members to present their pedagogical theories and innovative teaching practices, along with ideas to enhance student advising.

The event was held on January 10, 2013. Click here to view the program.

Selected pictures for January Day 2013:


Dr. Aline Davis (Biology) and Dr. Catherine Dignam (Chemistry) lead participants in a workshop titled “An Invitational Approach to Engaging Students: Promises and Challenges”


Faculty participants in “Teaching Research: An Interdisciplinary Roundtable," a workshop led by Dr. Sarah Adelman (History) and Dr. Sue Dargan (Sociology)

c Dr. Sarah Adelman (History), Dr. Deborah McMakin (Psychology), Dr. Bob Chen (Computer Science), Dr. James Cressey (Education), and Dr. Lynn Parker (English)
d Dr. Jesse Marcum (Chemistry), Dr. Andrea Kozol (Biology), Dr. Sarah Pilkenton (Chemistry), and Dr. Steven Cok (Chemistry) discussing successful teaching methods
e Dr. David Keil (Computer Science)
f Dr. Claudia Springer (English and Assistant Director of CELTSS) and Meghan Maxfield (CELTSS Program Administrator)


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