Food Science and Nutrition Science

Master of Science in Food and Nutrition
Concentration in Food Science and Nutrition Science

This program is offered through Graduate & Continuing Education (DGCE).

The Food Science and Nutrition Science concentration of the Master of Science program in Food and Nutrition offers a unique resource geared to advanced and traditional interests of the region's food and nutritional science-based economies. The College has the only Center of Excellence in Food Science and Technology in the Commonwealth. Academic programs that support applied food biotechnologies, food science technology and food engineering, as well as nutritional biochemistry, can be tailored to meet the thesis or non-thesis needs of graduate students.

As a natural extension of the College's century-long commitment to food and nutritional studies, the Master of Science program is dedicated to the vigorous technical support of food biotechnologies, industrial, and medical sectors of the Commonwealth that will shape the 21st century economy of the region. Furthermore, this program includes professional courses from the American Dietetic Association (ADA).

Degree & Admissions Requirements

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