Integrated Visual Media Concentration


All students in this concentration will gain a solid exposure to the histories, theories, and hands-on practices of graphic and web design, still photography, and motion picture production. Students can explore their preferred medium by taking more specialized courses as a Communication Arts major.

Concentration requirements (14 courses):

COMM 200  Design for Integrated Media
COMM 208  Basic Photography
COMM 225  Interactive Design
COMM 226  Writing for Visual Media
COMM 280  Introduction to Film Production
COMM 315  Intermediate Photography
COMM 405  Senior Portfolio in Integrated Media 
  OR  COMM 410 Senior Portfolio in Film Production
COMM 495  Internship in Communication Arts 

Choose one (1) of the following:
COMM 210  History of Photography
COMM 338  Advanced Visual Communication

Choose two (2) of the following:
Any Art History course
Any Art Studio course
Any Film Studies course 

Choose three (3) of the following:
COMM 262  Television Studio Production
COMM 269  Creative Process: Inspiration and Sweat
COMM 270  Advertising Techniques
COMM 272  Photography and Architecture
COMM 309  Video Editing & Effects
COMM 312  Screenwriting
COMM 316  Advanced Interactive Design
COMM 327  Computer Animation Techniques
COMM 330  Advanced Photography
COMM 366  Documentary Filmmaking
COMM 380  Advanced Film Production


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