Speech and Performance Concentration


Communication through speech and performance continues to be the main way that human beings connect with one another. Both a critical awareness and conscious application of speech and performance communication are necessary in interpersonal contexts, group settings and the public arena. This concentration, with its flexible range of course selections, prepares students for careers involving business negotiations, labor relations, community affairs, social advocacy, public address, speechwriting, and the Dramatic Arts.

Concentration requirements (11 courses):

COMM 212 Drama Workshop
COMM 213 Advanced Public Speaking
COMM 328 Argumentation and Advocacy
COMM 370 The Rhetorical Tradition

Choose one (1):
COMM 205 Small Group Communication
COMM 207 Interpersonal Communication
COMM 322 Persuasion and Social Influence

Choose two (2):
COMM 201 Oral Interpretation of Literature
COMM 260 Voice and Articulation
COMM 314 Acting
COMM 318 Directing

Choose one (1):
ENGL 220 Shakespeare
ENGL 271 Development of Drama
ENGL 313 Medieval and Renaissance Drama
ENGL 317 Studies in Shakespeare
ENGL 342 Modern Drama

Choose one (1):
COMM 210 History of Photography
ENGL 205 Film History and Criticism
ENGL 207 The Language of Film
ENGL 208 Film Genres

Choose one (1):
COMM 220 Principles of Mass Communication
COMM 234 Intercultural Communication
COMM 245 Cultural Aspects of Media Representation
COMM 308 Media Criticism: Principles and Practice

Choose one (1):
COMM 226 Writing for Visual Media
ENGL 282 Creative Writing
ENGL 284 Prose Writing

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