Department of Communication Arts

The Department of Communication Arts has as its purview the study of media and speech communication within the context of liberal arts at Framingham State University. The goal of the department is to provide students with a balanced perspective from which they may explore the nature of human communication. To that end, the Communication Arts Department offers a wide variety of courses in the areas of media and speech. These studies are designed to promote both a mastery of communication theory and a facility in the execution and performance of that theory.

Department requirements for matriculated students wishing to declare the Communication Arts major are:

  1. Any applicant with a Quality Point Average of 2.70 or above (based on a minimum of three (3) Communication Arts courses) be admitted to the Department.
  2. All post-matriculation transfer candidates must submit a transcript of their previous college(s) academic history so that a major QPA can be determined.
  3. Students may apply or re-apply when they have achieved a QPA with the major courses of 2.70 or above (based on a minimum of three (3) Communication Arts courses).
  4. Candidate must submit three (3) reference letters along with their letter of application to the Department. The deadline for applications is three weeks after the start of the current semester.
  5. The Quality Point Average requirement may be waived after a petition and interview with the Department Admissions Committee.

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