Frequently Asked Questions

Is a student on coop still considered a full-time student?

Yes they are a full-time student
  • Students are enrolled in a coop course with 12 non-additive(experiential) credits (full-time load)
  • The course appears on the students transcript
  • Students pay a fee for the course and registration
  • Students will receive a satisfactory/unsatisfactory grade on their transcript at conclusion of coop

What about financial aid?

The school must declare that a student on coop is participating in an "experiential coop course" which is part of a degree program and is considered full-time student status. They do not have to go into receivership because they are considered full-time students.

Will the cooperative education option require a fifth year of tuition and fees?

No becuase the student will not be paying full tuition and fees during the semester in which they are on coop. However they will be required to pay a nominal fee for each of the two Cooperative Experience Courses and a registration fee for each Cooperative Experience course. The seminars are included in the tuition of the semesters in which they are on campus anyway.

Will students be paid at their co-op?

students on coop will be paid a fair and equitable wage.

Can students live on campus during their co-op?

If you wish to live on campus you will have to pay housing and fees related to on-campus living.

When will this new coop option be available?

Students can sign up for the first pre-coop seminar to be offered Fall 2012 and go out on their first full-time coop in the Spring of 2013.

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