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CSCI 362 - CSCI 428

CSCI 362 Software Engineering

Principles of systematic program design and implementation. Structured programming and top-down segmented program development. Stepwise program development. Chief Programmer Team, HIPO, and other programming techniques. Decision tables. Program correctness and verification. Software reliability.
Prerequisite: CSCI 271 Data Structures.

CSCI 373 Advanced Web Technologies
An introduction to dynamic database-driven Web site development. Students learn about client- and-server-side scripting, maintaining persistent information on the Web, and user-interface design concepts.
Prerequisites: CSCI 108 HTML, Java-Script Programming, and Web Site Development, CSCI 152 Computer Science I Using Java and CSCI 360 Database Management.

CSCI 376 Networking Technologies
An introduction to net-centric computing, communication and networking, network security, network management, client-server computing, wireless and mobile computing, and network applications. Various LAN and WAN networking technologies such as Ethernet, Token Ring, wireless network, virtual private network, personal area network, Storage Area Network, Internet, ATM, telecommunication networks, multimedia data technologies, and internetworking are covered. Business aspects of computer networks are also covered. Note: Students cannot receive credit for both this course and 63.476 Networking Technologies or CSCI 477 Computer Networking.
Prerequisite: CSCI 258 Introduction to Operating Systems Using UNIX™.

CSCI 400 Special Topics in Computer Science
A study of a selected topic in computer science to be given from time to time at the discretion of the Department. Topics presented here are on a one-time-only basis and will not be a permanent part of the curriculum.
Prerequisite: Computer Science major, Junior standing, or permission of the instructor.

CSCI 404 Seminar in Computer Science
An exploration of an advanced topic in computer science. The particular topic is announced at least one semester in advance.
Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor.

CSCI 428 Software Quality Assurance
A study of software quality assurance processes and test tools. Topics include requirements analysis, test specifications, test schedule development, installation and test tools, standalone product testing, systems integration testing, interoperability, problem reporting and tracking, product development and quality assurance processes, QA management, product life cycle, software metrics for quality, and product release.
Prerequisite: CSCI 258 Introduction to Operating Systems Using UNIX™.

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