Course Descriptions

CSCI 108 - CSCI 152

CSCI 108 HTML, JavaScript Programming, and Web Site Development

An introduction to various features of HTML and JavaScript languages such as tags, images, buttons, forms, and animation files. Students learn to program using these languages to create interactive Web pages. Students create a complete Web site using various tools including a browser and image editor.

CSCI 120 Introduction to Information Technology
An overview of computer concepts and Information Technology (IT). Applications of IT in various disciplines are illustrated and the role of information technology in contemporary society, including issues of intellectual property, ethics, privacy and security is discussed. Students are introduced to windowed environments, file management, problem-solving tools and a high-level programming language. Advanced concepts of word processing, spreadsheets, and presentation software required for effective communication, analysis, and design are explored. Note: Students cannot receive credit for both this course and 63.151 Personal Computer (PC) Fundamentals and Applications. Students in the IT minor who have taken 63.151 Personal Computer (PC) Fundamentals and Applications should take CSCI 108 HTML, JavaScript Programming and Web Site Development in lieu of CSCI 120 Introduction to Information Technology.

CSCI 135 Information Technology and Society (Gen. Ed. Goal 10)
An exploration of the impact of computing and information technology (IT) on individuals and society in the United States and the world. The course addresses the impact of IT on areas such as: digital technology at home; personal devices; rapid unregulated spread of (mis)information; political processes of dissemination and polling capabilities; empowering individuals and families with information included in medical and other databases; personal and work place communication; the networked information economy and globalization. Other topics may include the interaction of IT with intellectual property, privacy, ethics, security concerns and freedom of expression.

CSCI 140 Introduction to the Internet, Graphics, and Multimedia
An introductory course exploring fundamental concepts, vocabularies, and techniques related to graphic design, digital cameras, photo editing, scanning, web design, interactive design, animation and multimedia using a variety of software programs. Students gain a broad foundation that can be applied to more advanced concepts and skills in the Information Technology discipline. Students cannot receive credit for both this course and either COMM 140 Introduction to the Internet, Graphics, and Multimedia or 84.140 Introduction to the Internet, Graphics, and Multimedia.

CSCI 152 Computer Science I Using Java
An introduction to problem solving using the Java programming language. The course stresses algorithms, object-oriented programming in graphical environments, documentation, testing, and debugging. Topics include hardware basics and number systems, classes, methods, control structures, types, virtual-machine concepts, Internet and client-server computing, human-computer interaction, social, professional, and ethical issues, and general features of programming languages.
Corequisite: MATH 123 College Algebra or minimum score of 2 on the math placement examination.

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