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You may make one of the following course changes prior to the second class meeting (or equivalent) of the course you plan to enroll in, if space allows. A course change is not permitted after this time. You are responsible for any difference in tuition costs.

  • You may change from one course to another course.
  • You may make a change of status:
    • undergraduate credit to graduate credit
    • graduate credit to undergraduate credit
    • credit to audit
    • audit to credit

In order to officially drop or withdraw from one or more courses, credit or non-credit, you must drop/withdraw online. Log in to, select the Academics link at the top of the page and, from the Registration channel, select the add/drop option. If you stop attending class, or inform your instructor that you are dropping a class without officially withdrawing, you are subject to a failing grade.

Course Withdrawal & Financial Aid
Students who receive financial aid must contact the Financial Aid Office prior to withdrawing from one or more classes, as this may affect financial aid eligibility. If you receive Federal financial aid, your financial aid funds will be refunded based upon the official date of withdrawal as prorated through 60% of the semester. If you have not withdrawn online or the Request for Change or Withdrawal form is not submitted and the University later determines that you have withdrawn, you will only be eligible to receive up to 50% of your Federal financial aid funds. You will be responsible for paying any balance due the University if financial aid funds are reduced. If you have any questions, please call the Financial Aid Office, 508-626-4534, or visit

Add/Drop Deadlines

To avoid a grade of 'W', you must drop prior to the second class meeting (or equivalent). The add/drop deadlines are posted on our Academic Calendar:

Withdrawal Deadlines for Grade of "W"
To receive a grade of "W," you must officially withdraw between the second and ninth class meetings (or equivalent). You will receive a failing grade if you do not officially withdraw from class. The deadlines are as follows:

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