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FSU administers the ITP (Institutional) TOEFL at the end of every semester. The exam is free to FSU TOEFL class students; $20 to other FSU students; $30 to non-FSU students. No refunds will be given.

Next Exam, Saturday, August 15, 2015 at 9:00 a.m.
Preregistration is required a week prior to the day of the exam
Call 508-626-1510 for infomation and to register

Register and pay at the Student Services Center, 5th floor of the McCarthy Center.

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with an advisor, call
(508) 626-1510.

To Register for classes
Fax: 508.626.4598
In-person: Student Services Center
Room 515, McCarthy Center

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The Curriculum
The Intensive English Program offers instruction in reading, grammar, vocabulary, academic writing, pronunciation and TOEFL preparation, as well as content courses that reflect current student interest. Classes are small, permitting individualized instruction and numerous opportunities to use both spoken and written language in real and meaningful situations. Student-centered activities build confidence and maximize learning potential. Emphasis is placed on the production of English-both spoken and written.

Click here for course descriptions and schedules.

The University
Founded in 1839 as the first US publicly supported institution for teacher education, Framingham State University is a coeducational school located approximately 21 miles from Boston. The beautiful campus provides a safe environment in which to study, absorb the best of America's culture and history, and enjoy college activities.

The University offers 25 bachelor's degree programs, 25 master's degree programs and preparation courses for advanced study toward law, engineering, and other graduate and professional degrees. The campus has large computer laboratories, six residence halls, a modern library, an art gallery, a student center, an athletic center, and football and soccer fields.

Academic Year
Fourteen-week (14) sessions are offered beginning in September (Fall semester) and January (Spring semester). The 12-week summer semester begins in May.

Teaching Staff
Our experienced instructors are dedicated professionals. Drawing on their own overseas living experience they assist students in adjusting to living and learning in a foreign country. Instructors use teaching methods and learning aids which provide and encourage communication practice in a student-centered environment.

Document of Completion
Each student who successfully completes the program with satisfactory attendance and progress will receive a document.  A student who successfully completes a program with 90% attendance and is promoted to the next level will be awarded a certificate.

International Student Visa Information
Students enrolled in the Intensive English Program may be granted full-time student status according to US visa regulations. All international applicants who will need an F-1 visa in order to study in the United States must submit evidence of financial support before an I-20 Certificate of Eligibility can be issued. They must provide a photocopy of the photo page of their passport, a photocopy of their visa, an official bank letter, affidavit of support, or other documentation, translated into English, verifying that sufficient funds are available to them for the duration of the study period. The estimated expenses for one year, including tuition, room and board, books and personal needs is $20,000.

After receiving the I-20, prospective students must present it, along with their passport to the US authorities in their country to obtain a visa. To allow time to issue an I-20 and to be certain there is space available, completed applications should be received at least three months prior to the beginning of the semester of study.

Note: F-1 visa holders must attend at least 19 hours of class per week.

On campus housing is not available at this time.

Health Insurance
All students in the Intensive English Program are required to comply with Massachusetts's regulations governing immunization of students before admission to school. This includes proof of health insurance and proof of required immunizations.

How to Apply

  • Download and print the Intensive English Program Application packet.
  • Fill out the Intensive English Program Application for Admission. For students seeking an I-20/F-1 student visa, please fill out the Application for F-1 Students. Be sure to indicate the semester of study for which you are applying. Your name and date of birth on the application must be exactly the same as it is on your passport.
  • I-20 applicants must submit a completed Certificate of Finances form (found in the application packet) and evidence of financial support translated into English.

    I-20 applicants should send completed applications to:
    Jane Decatur
    Framingham State University
    McCarthy Center 518
    100 State Street, PO Box 9101
    Framingham, MA 01701-9101,USA

    Be sure to enclose the following:
    • Completed application for admission form
    • I-20 applicants must submit a completed certificate of finances form and evidence of financial support translated into English
    • Nonrefundable deposit of $50.00 in US funds
Students not seeking an I-20 should send their applications to:
Student Services Center
Intensive English Program
Framingham State University
100 State Street, PO Box 9101
Framingham, MA 01701-9101,USA

Additional Information
  • To be eligible to apply a student must be at least 17 years of age and must have a high school diploma.
  • Progress in the IEP depends on personal motivation, initiative, language aptitude, and initial English proficiency.
  • Students preparing for academic studies in the US should allow themselves a minimum of two to three terms of advanced ESL training in our program to be fully prepared for academic course work.
  • Admission to the Framingham State University Intensive English Program is not the same as admission to the University. Students seeking admission to the University must contact the Admissions Office.
  • The University's TOEFL requirements for admission are:
    Paper and Pencil - 540
    Computer based - 207
    iBT - 79

For more information about the Intensive ESL Programs offered at Framingham State University contact:

English Language Programs
Intensive English Program
Framingham State University
14 Vernon Street
Framingham, MA 01701-4733, USA

Phone: (508) 626-1510
Fax: (508) 626-3605

Framingham State University

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