Online Professional Development for Educators
FALL 2014
October 6 to October 31                                                                                                          


Course Title  



 PRDV 70220
 Creativity in Writing
 PRDV 70325
 Sweet Solutions  
 PRDV 71225
 Learning Through Games  
 PRDV 71319


 Grammar & Usage: Making the Mechanics of English
 Meaningful to Students


 PRDV 71324
 Common Standards in Reading and Writing
 PRDV 71424
 Topics in World History
 PRDV 71823
 iPad for Special Educators
 PRDV 72425
 The Impact of Disabilities on Behavior--CLOSED
 PRDV 72519


 Special Education: IEP - An In-Depth Study 


 PRDV 72525


 Special Education: Assistive Technology
 & Accessible Instruction Materials


 PRDV 72619


 Special Education: Developing Collaborative 



 PRDV 72719


 Special Education: Federal and State Laws and 



 PRDV 72925


 Effects of Poverty and Stress on Young Learners



 PRDV 73924


 Special Education: Modification of Curriculum
 Materials to Support Diverse Learners


 PRDV 74024


 Special Education: Ways to Prepare and Maintain
with Disabilities for General Education
Including use of Behavioral Management



 PRDV 74224


 Integrating Mobile Devices into English
 and History/Social Studies Curriculum

 PRDV 74324
 Prezi: Watch Your Words Come Alive
 PRDV 74419
 Creating Assessments Using Online Tools--CLOSED

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Course Credit Notes: 

1.00 Course-credit is equivalent to 4.0 credits (or semester hours)
0.75 Course-credit is equivalent to 3.0 credits (or semester hours)
0.50 Course-credit is equivalent to 2.0 credits (or semester hours)
0.25 Course credit is equivalent to 1.0 credit (or semester hour)

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