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The University has two divisions: Graduate Studies and Continuing Education (where Post Baccalaureate Teacher Licensure candidates enter) and the Day Division. State law requires the separation since the Day Division receives financial assistance from the State while  Graduate studies and Continuing Education must remain self-sufficient.

Registration procedures: Post Baccalaureate students take some courses in each division.  Students who have been taking courses through the Graduate Studies and Continuing Education or who have not attended for a semester must apply to the University Registrar to take Day Division classes.  The application procedure is necessary and should be done as early as possible in the semester preceding the needed Day Division course.  Students who take both Day Division and Continuing Education classes in the same semester must also apply.  They will need to register both through Continuing Education and through the Office of the Registrar, Student Services Center, McCarthy Center, 515.

Registration times differ in the two divisions.  Graduate Studies and Continuing Education registration takes place after the publication of the division bulletin in July, November, and March for the fall, spring and summer respectively.  Day Division registration is available to those who have notified the Registrar prior to September 15 for the spring semester and February 1 for the fall semester.  Day Division registration takes place in October-November and in March-April for the semester following.  Lack of timely notification means waiting until the beginning of the semester to register on a seats available basis.

School Placements
With hundreds of Framingham State University students visiting schools each semester, university-school relations require sensitive and time consuming negotiations. Applications for school site placement for Field Study I, Field Study II, Field Study III and the Student Teaching Practicum must be made to the University’s Education Department by October 1 or February 15 for placement in the following semester. Students may not discuss school site placement at any school without prior consultation with the University Coordinator of School Placements.
Application forms for school site placement are available at the Education Department Office (Dwight Hall 302). A PDF of the application is also available on the Education website.

Retention Criteria
A PBTL candidate who receives a grade below C+ in education courses is subject to immediate dismissal.  The student has one semester to appeal this decision to the Education Department Professional Standards Committee. Admission to any course associated with Field Study II requires a cumulative grade point average of not less than 2.7 in all courses taken at Framingham State University.

Because of the important and sensitive nature of the work of teaching, involving as it does extensive interaction with children and/or adolescents, the University and the faculty associated with the teacher education program regard with great seriousness their obligation to ensure that those who complete the program possess both the academic knowledge and the personal attributes required of licensed teachers. To ensure that a high level of quality is maintained by the program and its students, each student is evaluated on suitability for the continuation in the program, especially in regard to entry to the Student Teaching Practicum. Any student who is judged to be in question for continuation in the program will be reviewed by the Professional Standards Committee of the University’s Education Department and may be disallowed from continuation in the program.

Admission to Professional Semester and Student Teaching Practicum requires satisfactory completion of the field studies; grades of not less than C+ in any of the methods courses: EDUC 315, EDUC 316, EDUC 317, EDUC 318, EDUC 319, EDUC 320, EDUC 322, EDUC 341, EDUC 346 and EDUC 376; and a minimum cumulative grade point 2.7 in courses taken at Framingham State University.  Students whose cumulative grade point average falls below 2.7 will be subject to review and possible dismissal from the program.

Program Completion

Completion of this State recognized Post Baccalaureate Teacher Licensure program is noted on each academic record. When students apply to the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education an official transcript of the academic record must be submitted.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q     Suppose I wish to earn a license in a specific subject and I don’t have Framingham State University's required preparation in that subject?
A     The appropriate academic departments will make an assessment of your academic record when it is submitted according to established procedures. The Office of Graduate Studies and Continuing Education will inform you of any courses needed to fill in gaps in preparation.  (It is simply not possible to do a quick review of your record in order to give you a quick answer.  Academic transcripts are too varied in character and the importance of accuracy too great to permit anything less than careful evaluation).
Q     Suppose my undergraduate major was not in one of the liberal arts or sciences?  What should I do?
A     If you want a license in a specific subject, the appropriate academic department will review your record and let you know what courses you need.  If elementary or early childhood licensure is your aim, you will need to make sure that you have adequate preparation in the humanities, natural sciences, social sciences, and mathematics for success in the classroom and for passing the subject portion of the MTEL.  Consult with an advisor in the Office of Graduate Studies and Continuing Education.
Q     May I substitute prior experience or coursework for any of the elements of this program?
A     Prior school experience will be evaluated by the Education Department to determine if a waiver of Field Study I is justified.  Prior courses in education foundations, developmental psychology, and academic subjects will similarly be examined.  Courses involving Field Study II, Curriculum, or student teaching are not waivable.
Q     Can I be a full-time student?
A     Yes, if you wish.  For the most part, except for the Student Teaching Practicum, students attend this program on a part-time basis.  However, students taking academic subject courses often enroll full-time during the day.
Q     Suppose my working hours conflict with the program?
A     All in-school placements have to take place during the day.  And, because of the need to hold classes at times convenient for most students, other classes may also be held during the day.  Your program will take careful planning also because not every course is offered every semester.  Inquire if you have specific concerns about conflicts with your work schedule.
Q     I know that some courses are offered through the Graduate Studies and Continuing Education and some through the Day Division.  How do I enter the Day Division?
A     The Post Baccalaureate Teacher Licensure Program leading to an Initial license is offered through the Graduate Studies and Continuing Education.  Some of the required courses are, however, offered through the Day Division.  Inquire about the proper procedure to register for your day course at the beginning of the semester that precedes the one in which you want to take the course.
Q     What’s the job market like?
A     In some subjects teaching positions go unfilled.  In others the competition is keener, especially during a period of economic downturn. Generally speaking, the picture is promising for Massachusetts teachers. A large number of teachers are reaching retirement age and a reviving economy should stimulate hiring.
Q     Are there advisors to help answer the questions I have?

A     Yes.  Contact the Center for Academic and Student Advising Office at: (508) 626-4540 to set up an appointment.

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