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Prospective students apply to the PBTL program through the Office of Graduate Admissions. Applications are accepted year round, but students are officially admitted only for the fall and spring semesters. Students are strongly encouraged to submit completed applications by February 15 for fall admission and by October 1 for spring admission. Applications submitted after these dates may not result in timely matriculation.

Click here for the PBTL Program Admissions Application


• A baccalaureate degree earned from a  regionally accredited college
or university

• A minimum undergraduate quality point average (GPA) of 2.8
(on a 4.0 scale) is preferred

• Passing scores on both portions of the Communication and Literacy (C & L) Skills Test of the Massachusetts Test for Educator Licensure (MTEL)

Separate applications, also with due dates, are required for school placement for field experiences. Please obtain a Field Placement Handbook: Policies and Guidelines from the Framingham State University Education Department, Dwight Hall 302 or click here. For more information regarding Field Placements, please click here.

Getting Started

• Students are encouraged to schedule a pre-admission advising appointment for a preview of what might be ahead. This can be arranged through the Center for Academic Support and Advising (CASA) at 508-626-4540.

 • Students are encouraged to take the C&L Test of the MTEL as early as possible. State and university processing must conclude before matriculation is possible.

 • Students are encouraged to apply to the PBTL program as early as possible to learn what may lie ahead in regard to required coursework  beyond the education sequence. Candidates seeking an elementary or early childhood license must have the range of studies most American universities require as a foundation for the major. Candidates seeking a subject area license must have the approximate equivalent of the Framingham State University undergraduate major in that subject. Transcripts will be evaluated by the appropriate departments after a complete application is submitted.

 • All completed applications to the PBTL program are reviewed by the University’s Education Department. Applications for academic subjects are reviewed by the appropriate academic department as well. Students seeking licensure in visual art must also present a portfolio for review.

The Office of Graduate Admissions will provide formal notification of the University’s admission decision and will include notification of the courses needed to complete the program.


Questions/Contact Info

For questions regarding the application process or admissions requirements, please contact the Office of Graduate Admissions at 508-626-4501.



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