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Admission to the PBTL program is through the Graduate Admissions office, but students will be able to register for Day Division courses. Students should check with the Registrar's Office to ensure that all required paperwork has been submitted to avoid issues with billing. This must be done prior to September 15 to register for Day Division classes in the following spring semester or February 1 to register for Day Division classes in the following fall semester. Day Division registration may then be completed during the regular University registration period. Matriculated PBTL students can usually register with the undergraduate seniors.

All students should remember that changes in state regulations mandate changes in University regulations. All enrolled students may be affected by these changes. Students who stop out for even one semester should understand that they will be governed by the regulations in force at the time of their return. Students who wish to be readmitted to the program should complete the PBTL Application for Readmission form here.

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