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It is never too late to join CDI; we encourage students, faculty and staff to become members. If you have any questions about CDI, please contact CDI Co-Chairs Millie Gonzalez at vgonzalez@framingham.edu or John Santoro at jsantoro@framingham.edu.

To submit a request for funding to the budget subcommittee, send your proposal by the 2nd Tuesday of every month.

CDI has its own Twitter account. If you would like to publicize any events, activities or news related to diversity and inclusion on our campus or outside of our campus, email the information to bpierre@framingham.edu or vgonzalez@framingham.edu.

Diversity and Inclusion Research Guide
Access resources on diversity and inclusion through this online research guide.

The  list below represents some of Framingham State’s course offerings with diversity-related themes.

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Art & Music:
ARTH 200 Art and Social Values (Gen. Ed. Goals 5, 12)
ARTH 285 The Art of Asia (Gen. Ed. Goals 5, 11)
ARTH 288 Latin American Art (Gen. Ed. Goals 5, 11)
MUSC 171 World Music Cultures (Gen. Ed. Goals 5, 11)
MUSC 212 Music, Dance, and Ritual in the Pacific (Gen. Ed. Goals 5, 11)
MUSC 220 Women in Music (Gen. Ed. Goals 5, 12)

Communication Arts:
COMM 234 Intercultural Communication
COMM 245 Cultural Aspects of Media Representation (Gen. Ed. Goal 12)

Consumer Sciences:
FASH 253 Cultural Dress (Gen. Ed. Goal 11)
NUTR 262 Food, Culture, and Society *

ENGL 201 Mythology and Folklore* (Gen. Ed. Goals 4, 12)
ENGL 202 Comparative Mythology* (Gen. Ed. Goals 4, 11)
ENGL 203 Global Perspectives in Literature* (Gen. Ed. Goals 4, 11)
ENGL 250 Literature and Gender* (Gen. Ed. Goal 4)
ENGL 260 American Ethnic Literature* (Gen. Ed. Goals 4, 12)
ENGL 264 African American Literature* (Gen. Ed. Goals 4, 12)
ENGL 269 Women Writers* (Gen. Ed. Goal 4)
ENGL 277 Contemporary World Literature by Women* (Gen. Ed. Goals 4, 12)

GEOG 110 World Regional Geography (Gen. Ed. Goals 9, 11)
GEOG 180 Native Americans: A Geographical and Legal Perspective (Gen. Ed. Goal 10)
GEOG 254 Geography of Monsoon Asia (Gen. Ed. Goal 11)
GEOG 255 Geography of Sub-Saharan Africa (Gen. Ed. Goal 11)
GEOG 256 Geography of the Middle East (Gen. Ed. Goal 11)
GEOG 257 Geography of Latin America (Gen. Ed. Goals 11, 12)
GEOG 290 Non-Western Regional Geography: Field Study (Gen. Ed. Goal 11)

HIST 155 Comparative History of World Civilizations (Gen. Ed. Goals 8, 11)
HIST 321 Immigrants, Ethnics and Racial Minorities in United States History*
HIST 323 African American History*
HIST 326 Women in American History*
HIST 336 Latin America from the Conquest to the Present*
HIST 340 Industrial and Labor History of the United States*
HIST 365 The History of Gender, Sexuality, and the Body*
HIST 371 Women in Europe, 1500-2000*
HIST 383 Making of the Modern Middle East*
HIST 384 India in the Age of Empire*
HIST 387 History of South Africa*
HIST 392 Africa and the World*
HIST 398 Modern China and Japan*

Modern Languages:
MLLI 110 The Languages of the World (Gen. Ed. Goal 11)
MLFR 201 Intermediate French I* (Gen. Ed. Goal 3)
MLFR 202 Intermediate French II* (Gen. Ed. Goal 3)
MLFR 301 Advanced French Composition & Conversation I*
MLFR 302 Advanced French Composition & Conversation II*
MLFR 303 French Culture and Civilization*
MLFR 305 Contemporary Trends in the French-Speaking World*
MLFR 306 Major French Writers I*
MLFR 307 Major French Writers II*
MLSP 231 Intermediate Spanish I* (Gen. Ed. Goal 3)
MLSP 232 Intermediate Spanish II* (Gen. Ed. Goal 3)
MLSP 331 Advanced Spanish Composition & Conversation I*
MLSP 332 Advanced Spanish Composition & Conversation II*
MLSP 333 Spanish Culture and Civilization*
MLSP 334 Spanish American Culture and Civilization*
MLSP 335 Major Hispanic Writers I*
MLSP 336 Major Hispanic Writers II*
MLSP 343 The Latin American Short Story: Love, Death, and Humor*

Psychology and Philosophy:
PSYC 212 Adolescent Psychology* (Gen. Ed. Goals 9, 12)
PSYC 224 Social Psychology* (Gen. Ed. Goals 9, 12)
PSYC 231 Psychology of Adulthood and Aging* (Gen. Ed. Goal 9)
PSYC 286 Psychology of Women*
PSYC 340 Cultural Psychology*
PSYC 369 Human Sexuality*

ANTH 161 Cultural Anthropology (Gen. Ed. Goals 9, 11)
ANTH 172 Interpreting the Past: Archaeological Perspectives (Gen. Ed. Goals 9, 11)
ANTH 207 Global Issues in Anthropology* (Gen. Ed. Goal 11)
ANTH 243 Native American Cultures* (Gen. Ed. Goals 11, 12)
ANTH 258 Critical Approaches to Men and Masculinities (Gen. Ed. Goal 12)
ANTH 290 Non-Western Cultural Studies Tour (Gen. Ed. Goal 11)
ANTH 360 Language and Culture*
ANTH 370 Psychological Anthropology*
SOCI 101 Introduction to Sociology (Gen. Ed. Goals 9, 12)
SOCI 130 Social Problems (Gen. Ed. Goals 10, 12)
SOCI 212 Sociology of the Family* (Gen. Ed. Goal 12)
SOCI 218 Women in Society* (Gen. Ed. Goal 12)
SOCI 220 Sport in Society (Gen. Ed. Goal 12)
SOCI 245 Race and Ethnic Relations (Gen. Ed. Goal 12)
SOCI 253 Gender Across Cultures (Gen. Ed. Goals 11, 12)
SOCI 256 Religion and Ritual* (Gen. Ed. Goal 11)
SOCI 263 Social Inequality (Gen. Ed. Goal 12)
SOCI 267 Sociology of Subcultures*
SOCI 280 Aging in Society (Gen. Ed. Goal 10)
SOCI 312 Sociology of Childhood and Adolescence*
SOCI 315 Social Class*
SOCI 325 Health and Illness*
SOCI 329 Social Deviance*
SOCI 333 Society and the Mentally Ill*
SOCI 340 Sociology of Work* SOCI 369 Sex/Sexualities in Society*


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