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Welcome to the Educator Licensure Information web site, designed to assist current students and our alumnae/alumni with the licensure application process.

Applying for your Massachusetts educator license
Select your action type for instructions appropriate for your specific licensure application.

Approved Licensure Actions by (Graduate) Degree

Approved Licensure Programs

Massachusetts DESE ELAR logon

Massachusetts DESE Regulations for Educator Licensure

Massachusetts Licensure Help

Massachusetts DESE Licensure Renewal Guidelines

Moving Out of State
If you are applying for a license in another state and are asked to provide verification that you have completed an approved program, please select above link for instructions. Most states require some type of verification and have forms designed for this purpose.

Upcoming Licensure Workshop Schedule
At the end of each semester, we hold workshops, by licensure groups, for new program completers applying for licensure.  Applying for licensure can be a tricky process and mistakes are not easily fixed. We understand that you have a busy schedule and ask that you make every effort to attend at the scheduled time.   Individual meetings are not possible.

Frequently Asked Questions
Please visit this page for answers to questions regarding when your license should be processed, how to access a copy of your license, how to add a second license, and more.

Sheltered English Immersion Endorsement
Please visit this page for information and answers to questions regarding the Sheltered English Immersion Endorsement/Licensure Requirement. 

Exit Survey
We ask that all program completers take this survey at the end of the program.  If you attend a licensure workshop, we will ask you to complete it then.

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