Out of State Requests

This page is designed for candidates who have completed an approved licensure program at Framingham State University and are now seeking licensure in another state. Most states have specific procedures in place for applicants who hold a license from another state, and many now require verification that the applicant has completed an approved licensure program. Framingham State University will provide verification for you if you have completed all requirements for an approved licensure program at FSU.

Each state's form is unique and many states require extensive information about an applicant's practicum/student teaching placement. In these cases, the Licensure Officer will request your file from the permanent records storage area, which may take a few days. Please follow the steps below to ensure the timely and accurate completion of your request.

  1. Obtain the necessary program verification form(s) from the state in which you are seeking licensure/certification. Fill in all parts that are required to be completed by you, the applicant. DO NOT fill in any parts that are required to be completed by FSU.
  2. Include a separate sheet with the following information:
    • Your current name (first, middle, last)
    • Any other last names you had while enrolled at Framingham State College/University
    • Your current mailing address
    • Your phone number
    • Your email address
    • Your student ID number, if known
    • Date of birth, only if student ID is not known
    • The degree or program you completed
    • The year you graduated/finished
    NOTE: If necessary, the Licensure Officer will contact you for additional information. If, for example, two students have the same name, additional information such as date of birth will be needed to confirm your identity.
  3. Include instructions for returning the completed form. Each state has its own procedure; some require the university to send the completed form to you. Others require the university to send the form directly to the state's licensure office. If instructions are not included with your request, the form will be sent to the state office listed on the form.
  4. Mail your request to:
    Education Department Placement and Licensure Office
    Dwight Hall 302
    Framingham State University
    100 State Street
    Framingham, MA 01701

The Licensure Officer will send you a letter confirming completion of your request. If your request cannot be fulfilled, the Licensure Officer will provide an explanation.

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