Potential Environmental Science Advisors

Dr. Brandi Van Roo:  wildlife behavior, ecology
Dr. Aviva Liebert:  insects, ecology, behavior
Dr. Richard Beckwitt:  environmental science, marine
Dr. Walter Lambert:  coastal ecology
Dr. Bryan Connolly:  trees, botany, ecology, agriculture
Dr. Steve Dinkelacker:  reptiles, amphibians, conservation physiology
Dr. Becky Shearman:  amphibians, anatomy, conservation

Dr. Larry McKenna:  geology, geochemistry, statistics, sustainability

Dr. Dave Merwin:  Geographic information systems
Dr. Judy Otto:  Urban and regional planning; urban sustainability
Dr. Elaine Hartwick:  Globalization
Prof. Carl Hakansson:  Environmental and land use law and policy
Dr. George Bentley:  Geographic information systems

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