Four-Year Plan (Suggested)

The Center for Academic Support and Advising provides major worksheets to assist students with program planning.  Click here for the Environmental Science major worksheet.

Below is a suggested four-year plan for the completion of the Environmental Science major for those fulfilling the major requirements of catalog year 2013-2014 and before:



First Year

BIOL 101 Biological Concepts (G.Ed.)
CHEM 103 General Chemistry (G.Ed.)
ENGL 110 Expository Writing (G.Ed.)
General Education course

ECON 102 Principles of Microeconomics (G.Ed.)
Math General Education course
BIOL 200 Introduction to Environmental Science
General Education course

Second Year

GEOG 216 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
BIOL 251 Plant Taxonomy
CHEM 201 Organic Chemistry
General Education course

GEOG 212 Geographic Perspectives on the Global Environment
GEOL 231 Physical Geology
Policy/planning elective
General Education course

Third Year

GEOG 240 Municipal Land Use
BIOL 348 Ecology
GEOG 235 Environmental Law and Policy
Communication elective

GEOG 339 Methods for Planning
Analysis and Plan Making
MATH 208 Biostatistics
Science elective
General Education course

Fourth Year

Science elective
Policy/planning elective
General Education course
Free elective

GEOG 375 Resource Management
ENVS 450 Senior Thesis in Environmental Science or
ENVS 495 Internship in Environmental Science
General Education course
Free elective


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