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Wall Display Cases, Bulletin Boards and Artwork

Bulletin boards, display cases and artwork displayed on walls continue to be an issue on campus.  When bulletin boards, etc. are installed in a fire-resistive building, smoke generation and potential associated dangers increase.  To reduce the potential for damage to buildings and harm to occupants, bulletin boards, their construction, and placement are regulated by state law. 

The following are standards for bulletin boards:

  • Bulletin boards must be maintained up to date.  Old notices must be removed promptly.

  • Only bulletin boards made of cork and framed in metal are acceptable.

  • Any display exhibit  made of materials other than cork must be fully encased by plexiglas or glass.

  • No drawings, artwork, pictures, notices or other papers will be placed on any wall in a corridor or stairwell.

  • All objects should be flush with the bulletin board.  Nothing should extend off the board.

Effective immediately, any requests to have bulletin boards, display cases, artwork, pictures or signs hung in any building should be delivered to the attention of Maureen Bagge Fowler, Environmental Health & Safety Coordinator.

Requests will be handled on a case-by-case basis.  There is a limit to the number of bulletin boards which are allowed in any lobby, stairwell, entrance, or hallway. 

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