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Smoking Policy 10/29/2007

Framingham State University seeks to maintain a healthy, comfortable, and productive environment for its students, employees and visitors.  Recognizing that smoke from tobacco products has direct adverse health effects on both smokers and non-smokers, and responding to growing concerns expressed by employees and students, the University endeavors to provide a smoke-free environment for all students, faculty, staff and campus visitors.  Our policy is based on the Massachusetts Smoke-Free Work Place Law, which took effect in July 2004, and the guidelines of the Town of Framingham Board of Health, which take effect in June 2007.

For the purposes of this policy, smoking is defined as the burning of a cigar, cigarette, pipe, or other smoking material.

In accordance with this policy, smoking is expressly prohibited in the following locations:

  • inside every University building or facility (i.e., in all spaces, including classrooms, lecture halls, residence halls and rooms, offices, meeting rooms, lounges, restrooms, locker rooms, offices, and other educational and work areas) ;
  • within 30 feet of any University building/facility entrance, exit, or operable window;
  • under any covered building/facility overhang;
  • within the immediate vicinity of all HVAC air intakes;
  • in University-owned vehicles; and
  • in public use places, including indoor and outdoor athletic areas, residence hall common areas, hallways, stairwells, or lobbies, and the "quad" between Dwight Hall, Hemenway Hall and Crocker Hall.

In accordance with this policy, smoking is permitted:

  • 30 feet from a building/facility entrance or exit, provided that it is away from windows and air intakes, and not in the quad;
  • in non-University owned personal vehicles;
  • in designated areas throughout campus where proper, fire-proof receptacles are in place.

Enforcement of this policy is the shared responsibility of the entire University community. Students, faculty, staff, contractors, and all visitors are expected to comply with this policy. Supervisors are responsible for ensuring compliance with this policy within their areas.

Framingham State University encourages all smokers to quit smoking. The University's Health and Wellness Center has information on smoking cessation programs and has self-help materials available for those wanting to quit smoking.

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