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Massachusetts Regulations

Below are excerpts from the National Fire Prevention Association regulations as adopted by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts:

  • Foyers shall not be used to "harbor occupants until seats become available." In other words, foyers and entrances are not places for tables and chairs. In the event of an emergency, the foyers and waiting spaces of a building are part of the emergency egress route. No tables or chairs will be set up in any part of any building where people will most likely flow to in an emergency. (527 CMR 10.03 (13d) and 780 CMR 1006.2.4)
  • A place of assembly allows for seating of 50 or more. It is required that these places of assembly be accessible by wheelchair and have wheelchair space. An example of a non-approved assembly location is the Pit area of the Library, because no wheelchairs can get to that area. (780 CMR 1007)
  • When chairs are set up in an assembly location, there can be no more than 8 chairs off a wall, because a person should not have to walk past more than 7 others to get to an exit (780 CMR 1012.6.2)
  • All aisles, floors, halls and stairways that are part of the means of egress from a building shall be kept clear at all times (527 CMR 10.03 (1))
  • The use of door stops on fire doors is not permitted (527 CMR 10.03 (9))

There are many more Public Safety and Fire Prevention regulations pertaining to the University. Prior to approval of any public event, please contact Maureen Bagge Fowler, Environmental Health and Safety Coordinator at x4633 or Warren Fairbanks, Director of Facilities at x 4590 to discuss.

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