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Hazardous waste is regulated under the Code of Massachusetts Regulations, 310 CMR 30.00.  Hazardous wastes are identified, collected, labeled, properly handled and placed in hazardous waste satellite and accumulation areas throughout the University buildings.

Satellite accumulation areas are found wherever hazardous wastes are created. These are:  May Hall painting and ceramics, Hemenway Hall science laboratories, Power Plant, Whittemore Library dark room and print shop. 

Hazardous wastes are removed from the campus through licensed, insured hazardous waste transporters and treatment facilities.

Satellite Hazardous Waste Areas

1.  Keep containers covered at all times (except when adding waste).  Parafilm is NOT acceptable.  Evaporation to reduce quantity is not acceptable.

2.  Only one container of each waste is allowed at each satellite location. 

3.  When you have filled a container, contact the person responsible for the laboratory or classroom for removal.  This must be done within THREE days.  A new container will be  supplied. 

4.  Every container must be stored in a secondary containment vessel when the storage area contains a drain. 

5.  Every area where hazardous waste is generated must have a sign posted with the words "Hazardous Waste Satellite Location."  Only store wastes in these designated areas.  Material that is still being used should be moved elsewhere. 

6.  Store only compatible wastes together.  It may be necessary to have two or more locations per laboratory to keep incompatible wastes separate. 

7.  All containers must have the following words on them:       

Hazardous Waste

  • Name of contents (chemical and common, if available)
  • The hazard related to the waste (for example, ignitable, corrosive,  reactive or toxic)
  • The wastes, once removed, are stored in the Hazardous Waste Area in the basement of Hemenway Annex. 
  • Semi-annually, wastes are disposed of through a hazardous waste disposal company. 
  • Containers may be re-used after a container has been "triple rinsed" using a solvent capable of removing chemicals after all product has been removed. 


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