Apparel Design Curriculum

The following courses are required for a Bachelor of Science Degree in Fashion Design and Retailing with a concentration in Apparel Design.

Additional required general education courses are listed in the Undergraduate College Catalog.

Fashion Design and Retailing Major requirements:
FASH 140  Principles of Apparel Construction
FASH 141  Fashion: Designer to Consumer
FASH 153  Consumer Textiles
FASH 223  History of Costume OR FASH 347 History of Textiles
FASH 245  Research Methods for the Fashion Industry
FASH 326  Fashion Merchandising: Theory and Industry Analysis
FASH 362  World Market: Textiles to Retailing  
MATH 117  Introduction to Statistics

Apparel Design Concentration requirements:

FASH200  Fashion Sketching and Design or ARTS200 Drawing Fundamentals
ARTS222  Color and Design
FASH243  Advanced Apparel Construction
FASH342  Flat Pattern Design
FASH352  Draping
FASH355  Fabric Structure and Design
FASH357  Fashion Illustration
FASH447  Apparel Industry Methods
FASH449  Functional Clothing Design
FASH487  Apparel Design Portfolio

Additional Department Offerings Available for Free Electives
FASH 250  Special Topics in Fashion Design and Retailing
FASH 253  Cultural Dress
FASH 278  History of Furniture
FASH 290  Study Tour: Fashion Design and Retailing
FASH 346  Retailing and Consumer Behavior
FASH 354  Advanced Textiles
FASH 390  Special Topics in Fashion Design and Retailing
FASH 448  Tailoring
FASH 452  Fashion Promotion
FASH 455  Case Studies in Fashion
FASH 464  Fashion Merchandising: Planning, Policies, and Implementation
FASH 490  Independent Study in Fashion Design and Retailing
FASH 495  Internship in Fashion Design and Retailing (credit  - one course to four courses)

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