Suggested Course Sequences

The following suggested course sequences may be used as a guideline for discussion with your advisor.

Choose one of the following suggested course sequences for:


  • General Education Goals 1 and 2 must be taken within the first three semesters.
  • Other General Education courses are interchangeable and in some instances, two goals can be met by one course, e.g., overlay. If course selection meets two goals, then a free General Education elective is possible.
  • Experience has shown that students who need to work more than 10 hours a week should consider taking fewer than 4 courses/semester.
  • Be aware of the following course sequencing:
    1. General Chemistry → Organic Chemistry → Experimental Study of Food
    2. Nutrition: Science and Applications → Food, Culture and Society → Experimental Study of Food → Foodservice Systems → Management of Food and Nutrition Services
    3. Food, Culture and Society → Introduction to Nutrition Practice → Community Nutrition
    4. Food Culture and Society → Computer Applications in Nutrition

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