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Degree Requirements

The degree requires successful completion of ten (10) courses, including three (3) core courses, six (6) concentration courses, and one (1) elective. Students must also successfully complete an online written comprehensive examination and electronic portfolio. The professional portfolio, based upon the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Professional Standards for Licensure, must be web-based and submitted to the advisor of the Curriculum and Instructional Technology program at least one week prior to the online written comprehensive exam. The examination is taken in the last semester of study.

Core Courses (3)
EDUC 991 Philosophy of Education and Teaching Practice
EDUC 998 Language Development and Communication
EDUC 999 Research and Evaluation (recommended after
completion of three Content or Concentration courses)
Concentration Courses (6)
EDUC 940 Adult Development and Learning
INST 941 Internet for 21st Century Teaching and Learning
INST 943 Impact of Technology on Education
INST 954 Technology Infrastructure Management
INST 959 Systemic Change: Curriculum, Instructional Technology,
and Professional Development
INST 951 Mathematics Instruction with Technology

Electives (1)
One (1) elective graduate content course approved by the program advisor. Choose from the following academic disciplines: art studio, art history, biology, Earth science, English, foreign language, geography, history, or mathematics.
Practicum: required for students seeking an Initial Instructional Technology Teacher License (all levels)
INST 939 Practicum in Instructional Technology

Prior to applying for the practicum, a passing score for the Communication and Literacy Skills Test of the Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTEL) must be submitted to the Framingham State University Office of Graduate Studies. The practicum is taken only after successful completion of all degree requirements in the Master of Education with a concentration in Curriculum and Instructional Technology program. Permission of the program advisor at least three (3) months prior to the practicum is required. Students secure their own practicum site, which must be approved by the University.

For students seeking a first Initial License, a field-based 300-hour practicum or practicum equivalent is required. Students must complete 150 hours at each of any two of the following levels: PreK-6, 5-8, 8-12. For students seeking an additional Initial License, a 150-hour practicum or practicum equivalent in the role of the license in an appropriate classroom, determined by the program advisor, is required. The student is guided by the cooperating school system and his/her university supervisor.

: Information on the Graduate Certificate in Instructional Technology Proficiency.

Coordinator and Advisor: Kim Cochrane, Education


  1. Requirements are accurate to date. However, the University reserves the right to change requirements in the future, and will notify applicants should any changes be made.
  2. Refer to appropriate catalog for Degree Requirements for prior years.

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