Degree Requirements

The program curriculum consists of eleven (11) courses, which includes eight (8) core, two (2) electives and one (1) capstone course. In addition, two (2) foundation courses are required. Students with appropriate academic background may be permitted to waive the two foundation courses.

Waivers are generally not granted if the corresponding undergraduate course(s) were completed more than seven years prior to application. Waivers are not granted for non-academic prior learning, and are determined solely on the basis of the student's undergraduate or graduate record. All waivers require written approval by advisor.

Students are expected to be familiar with office/management level software.

Students may take courses in any sequence subject to the following general requirements:

  1. Students must complete the two foundations courses early in their program as these are prerequisite courses to core courses and electives.
  2. Students must observe prerequisites. Courses taken without the proper prerequisites will not be applicable to the student’s degree requirements unless written approval is obtained from the student’s advisor.
  3. MGMT 985 Seminar in Human Resource Management is the culminating course in the student’s program. Registration requires prior written permission from the Dean of Graduate Studies (see Graduate Seminar Approval Form). Students will not be permitted to fulfill this requirement with a course transferred from another institution. The seminar can only be taken in the last semester of study. Exceptions, requiring written advisor approval, may be made for students taking an elective course over the summer.

Foundation Courses (2) (may be waived)
ACCT 653 Financial Statement and Reporting Analysis
ECON 610 Economic Analysis
Core Courses (8)
FINA 909 Financial Concepts of Human Resource Management
MGMT 900 Foundations of Human Resource Management
MGMT 904 Management and Leadership
MGMT 922 Employment Law
MGMT 934 Human Resource Information Systems
MGMT 946 Organizational Development and Change
MGMT 955 Compensation and Performance Management
MGMT 963 Employee Benefits
Elective Courses (2)
MGMT 969 Business Ethics
MGMT 975 Topics in Business (with advisor approval)
MGMT 977 Managing Global Diversity in Organizations
PADM 911 Grantsmanship and Development

Additional electives require written advisor approval.

Capstone (1)
MGMT 985              Seminar in Human Resource Management                                                                                                   

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Program Coordinator: Dr. Michael Harrison, Business Department
Program Advisor: Professor Robert Awkward, Business Department


  1. Requirements are accurate to date. However, the University reserves the right to change requirements in the future, and will notify applicants should any changes be made.
  2. Refer to appropriate catalog for Degree Requirements for prior years.

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