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What factors are most important in determining admission?
Many factors affect your chances for admission, including essays and recommendations, but we weigh your undergraduate performance, work experience, and GMAT® score most heavily. Each application received is reviewed in depth by the Admissions Committee.  When selecting students we put an emphasis on leadership potential, academic ability, and personal qualities and characteristics.

Is there a minimum GPA requirement to apply?
Although our students often have competitive undergraduate GPAs, there are many other equally important components of the application. GPA is just one factor the Admissions Committee uses to evaluate a candidate.

What is the average GPA of accepted students?
Because we recognize that different schools use various grading criteria, it is difficult to determine an average GPA for the class. GPA is only one of many factors that the Admissions Committee uses in evaluating an applicant. With these caveats in mind the average GPA was 3.13 in Fall 2007.

Why the GMAT®?
Research suggests that the two best predictors of success in an MBA program are your undergraduate GPA and your GMAT® scores.

How is the GMAT® score used in the application process?
We will use your GMAT® scores together with all of the items required as part of your application in order to decide whether or not to accept you into the Framingham MBA.

The GMAT® is not the only criterion we use.

Good GMAT® scores will lift an otherwise ordinary application closer to or into an acceptance.

Poorer GMAT® scores may be balanced by an otherwise excellent application.

What undergraduate major do I need?
We do not require or favor a particular undergraduate major. Students come from a wide range of academic backgrounds.

Does the reputation of my undergraduate institution or company affect my chances of being accepted?
Our goal is to admit a class that offers a variety of perspectives. Therefore, we carefully consider individuals from a wide spectrum of academic and work experiences.

Are applicants without previous coursework in business at a disadvantage?
As with many MBA Programs, there are many students at Framingham State who did not have business courses before entering the Framingham MBA program. Gaps in your knowledge will be filled using Foundation Courses.


Your essays allow us to know you better through your influences, values, and aspirations. Please read the essay questions carefully and consider the following key information that they are seeking from you.

  1. Goals: Describe how you would expect to change over the course of the program. What personal and professional values and skills do you hope to acquire beyond the academic content? How will obtaining the degree help you achieve your career goals?
  2. Leadership: Specifically address ethics, diversity, collaboration and motivation.

When writing your essays, take time to think and remember there is no right or wrong answer.


What makes me eligible to apply?
You are eligible to apply if you have:

  • A full four year undergraduate degree (or equivalent), in any major, from an accredited university or college, in the USA, or elsewhere.
  • A good GPA or QPA.
  • The expectation of good GMAT® scores.
  • If not a native English speaker: the expectation of good TOEFL® Scores.
  • Citizenship, Residency or Visa-Status such that you may pursue part-time education in the USA for at least two years and full time for at least 15 months. (F Visa is accepted for student enrolling in the full-time program. It is not accepted for the part-time program. J Visa is accepted for both full-time and part-time program. M Visas are not supported).

What will I need to supply to complete my to application?
The materials you need to supply to complete your application are:

  • Application fee - $50.00
  • An application form: either online or pdf
  • Official GMAT® scores taken within the last five years
  • Certified official transcripts from every university or college attended
  • Two references
  • Two essays
  • Current Professional Resume
  • TOEFL® scores, if non-native English speaker.

What technology skills do I need?
Our program requires that you have a good working knowledge of Presentation, Word Processing and Spreadsheet programs and you should have the ability to deliver assignments in Microsoft Office formats.

Who should I contact if I have a question regarding my application status?

When do students matriculate each year? Can you start at other times during the year?
Students begin their program one time per year, in September. You may be able to start Foundation Courses earlier, but the Core and Elective courses sequences start in the Fall. You may be able to take courses starting in other semesters if you miss the Fall start but your sequencing of courses in later years will not be consistent due to need for pre-requisites for higher level coursework. 


Does the Framingham MBA support F, J or M Student Visa Status?
The Framingham MBA accepts the F Visa for students enrolling in the full-time program. It is not accepted for the part-time program.

The J Visa is accepted for both full-time and part-time programs.

The University does not accept the M Visa.

What are the educational requirements for admission for students educated outside the United States? I have a three-year degree; am I eligible?
Generally, we will accept international bachelor's degrees.

Most of the degrees we see are at least four years.

Three-year degrees are fairly common in all U. K. based systems. A three-year degree from England, Scotland, Wales and Australia is usually equivalent to a four-year program.

In India, the bachelor's of commerce degree is three years, and is usually considered the equivalent of a U.S. business degree.

We will require that you have your transcript translated into English and that you have your transcript evaluated by an evaluation service.

What percentage of the Professional MBA student population is international?
About 15% of the students are international students. 

Do I need to submit a TOEFL score?
All international citizens who did not earn an undergraduate degree from a school whose primary language of instruction is English must submit the results of the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL®).

The TOEFL® requirement is waived for international applicants holding non-technical master or PhD degrees from colleges and universities located in the United States.

How do I take the TOEFL®?
The TOEFL® is administered by an organization called ETS, and is available in three formats: you may take a paper-based test, a computer-based test, or an Internet-based test. These three options are not available in all areas. For example, according to ETS, the Internet-based test is not widely available in Asia, and the paper and computer-based tests are being phased out in Europe. We encourage you to plan accordingly for these tests. Due to a large volume of test-takers, exam slots fill up very quickly.

For more information go to TOEFL®.

When should I take the TOEFL®?
We require that you have taken the exam before the application deadline. It is strongly suggested that you take the TOEFL® as early as possible in case you feel like you need to take it again.

How long are scores valid?
TOEFL® scores are valid for two years after the test date.

Can I waive the TOEFL®?
You may request a waiver of the expiration date of your old TOEFL® by submitting a copy of your score report in addition to a letter to the MBA Program Director. Your request may or may not be granted. Your request can be e-mailed to

What TOEFL® Score do I need to achieve?
To be admitted to graduate study, applicants must score a minimum of either 550 on the paper-based version or 79-80 on the computer based version (CBT) of the TOEFL®.


What is the timeline for applying?
Framingham State University has three application deadlines:

December 1st and May 1st for early decision, and August 1st for regular decision.

What is the advantage of an early decision?
If you need or think you may need to take Foundation Courses prior to entering the Core or the Framingham MBA program, then accelerated admission will allow you to plan to take Foundation Courses in the Spring and Summer semesters with a view to starting on the Core course sequence the following Fall Semester.

How quickly will I receive a decision?
We will write to you with a decision within 5 weeks of the application deadline.

Will you provide feedback for students who are not accepted?
No. Also, please understand that the decision of the Admissions Committee is final, and we cannot advise you on whether or not you should reapply in the future.

How long can I defer my acceptance?
Candidates should submit applications only for the year they plan to enter the MBA program. Postponements and deferrals are rarely granted and are considered on a case-by-case basis.

Will I be interviewed?
No. Interviews are not required for the Framingham MBA applicants.

Do I have to send a completed packet/application?
We need the complete set of materials required of an applicant before we will review an application.

Do I have to send all materials in at once?
Application materials do not need to be sent in all at once. You may send in the materials in intervals if you like as long as all materials are received before the deadline.

If my application is missing materials, can I be accepted conditionally until those items arrive?
Conditional admission is not possible. Applications will not be considered for admission until complete.

What are your methods of payment for the application fee?
There is a non-refundable $50 application fee payable by check made out to "Framingham State University".

Do you offer a waiver of the application fee?
On rare occasions, and on a case-by-case basis, we may choose to extend an application fee waiver. Inquiries stating circumstances surrounding a fee waiver request should be directed to


Who is considered a re-applicant ?
Re-applicants are individuals who applied in the previous year only. Individuals who applied prior to the preceding year are considered new applicants.

Are re-applicants at a disadvantage?
Re-applicants are not put at a disadvantage for reapplying to the Framingham MBA program. When applicants reapply they are considered to have a fresh start. Decisions are made based on the material supplied to support the new application.

Do re-applicants need to complete a new application?
Re-applicants do need to submit a new Online Application. Although the online application program may retain some of the information you submitted last year, each year's application is different, so you will need to begin a new application.

What essays do re-applicants need to answer?
Re-applicants are asked to answer the same two essay questions as new applicants.

As a re-applicant, will the Admissions Committee still be able to see my application from last year, along with my new application?
Yes. Applicant files are retained for one year, and thus the Admissions Committee will have your application from the prior year when reviewing your new application.

Do re-applicants need to resend official test scores and official transcripts?
You do not have to resend official transcripts.

Re-applicants do not need to resend official GMAT® and/or TOEFL® scores to the Framingham MBA, as long as test scores are still valid. You may however wish to retake these tests to improve on your scores.


Do I have to take the GMAT® to be considered for admission?
Yes, most applicants must take the GMAT® to be admitted to the Framingham MBA.

The GMAT® is not the only measure that we use, but it is believed to be a fair predictor of your preparedness for, and potential success in, a graduate business program. Applicants with very low GMAT® scores should consider further preparation before submitting an application.

The GMAT® can be waived if you possess a terminal degree. Generally that means a PhD, JD, MD, or DMD.

What are the minimum requirements for the GMAT®?
We admit applicants with a range of test scores. There is no minimum requirement. However, if you feel that you have not scored your personal best, or that the results are not representative of your ability, you may re-take the exam. However, the test must be taken before you submit your application.

Is there a cut-off GMAT® Score?
No. We accept applicants with a wide range of GMAT® scores.

We take the GMAT® scores along with all of the information that you provide to us and we form an opinion of your likely success in our program. A Good GMAT® score may lift an otherwise not very good application, a poor GMAT® score might sink an otherwise fairly good application.

Can I take the GMAT® more than once?
Yes. You can take the GMAT® more than once.

Can I list only my best GMAT® score?
Yes. We will however have access to all of your GMAT® scores.

How do I schedule to take the GMAT®?
To schedule to take your GMAT® you can go to the official GMAT® web site at or call at 1 (800) GMAT®-NOW.  At the website you can:

  • Locate the nearest test center
  • Learn the test format and content
  • Find the procedures and regulations
  • Get FREE GMATPREPTM software

What are good preparation resources for the GMAT®?
GMAT® test preparation books:

Widely available in bookstores
Usually come with sample test software (actual past exams)

GMAT® preparation courses:

Kaplan (classroom or online) 
Princeton Review (classroom or online) - online
GMAT® Prep products

How close to the application deadline can I take the GMAT®?
We require that you have taken the exam before the application deadline. You should probably allow 20 days for the result to reach us.

It is strongly suggested that you take the GMAT®/TOEFL® as early as possible in case you feel like you need to take it again.

How long are scores valid?
GMAT® scores are valid for five years after the test date.

Can I submit my GRE scores in place of the GMAT?
Yes. You may submit your results of the Graduate Record Exam (GRE), provided the exam was taken within the past five years.


Do you accept transfer students from other graduate programs?
Yes, we accept transfer students from other graduate programs. You may transfer up to two courses at the discretion of the MBA Coordinator.

Can I transfer courses into the Framingham MBA?
Yes, you may apply for transfer up to two Graduate level courses into the Framingham MBA program.

Transfer courses should address the material covered in a Framingham MBA course.

You need the approval of the MBA Coordinator to transfer such courses.

You can also waive Foundation courses with the approval of the MBA Coordinator.


How long does it take to complete the program?
The Framingham MBA is 12 courses in addition to the 4 Foundation courses (16 total).

If you can waive the 4 Foundation courses you can graduate in 2 years by taking two courses a semester.

If you need the Foundation courses, you can graduate in 3 years.

Can I take courses before acceptance into the program?
We only allow matriculated students to take Core and Elective courses in the Framingham MBA program, in order to ensure the integrity of the program.

You may take Foundation courses, prior to acceptance into the Framingham MBA program, but you should seek the advice of the MBA Outreach Coordinator.

You must understand that taking Foundation courses does not imply that you will be accepted into the Framingham MBA program should you apply.


Do I need work experience to join the program?
We believe that individuals with professional work experience are better placed to benefit from an MBA program, so professional work experience is highly valued both in the admissions process and in the program.

However, outstanding students without significant professional experience may be admitted.

Work Experience: What is the desired length of work experience you wish to see in candidates?
Framingham State University does not require a minimum number of years' work experience prior to entering the MBA program, but it is important for you to assess your own readiness when deciding to apply. Successful candidates have the ability to demonstrate strength in our criteria regardless of the number of years of their work experience.

What constitutes work experience?
Work experience includes opportunities in which students have been able to develop their professional and leadership skills.

Are there specific types of work experience that will make me a more attractive candidate?
Rather than focus on specific categories of work experiences, applicants should focus on their roles, responsibilities, and what they have learned from the types of work experiences that they have been involved in. The Admissions Staff will look at the nature of the applicant's work experience when evaluating the applicants' ability to handle the academic rigor of our MBA program.

If I come from a "non-traditional" background is that okay?
There is no preference to one type of industry or company opposed to any other. We strive to create each class of students as complimentary as possible. The more diverse the professional backgrounds are the more our students learn from one another and their experiences. This allows a broader range of opinions and ideas brought to each classroom setting and experience.


Is there an advantage to applying before any of the deadlines?
No, we won't look at applications before each deadline and we want you to make sure that your application represents you and your capabilities. You should be confident in your application before applying; you do not want to send in a weak application that could put you at a disadvantage.

Do you have a pre-established quota or maximum number of people who are accepted?
Even though we do not have a pre-established quota for accepted students; we do try to establish a target amount each year, consistent with the University's resources.

Can I apply if I already have an MBA?
You can, but it seems unlikely that you would.

It is not encouraged because it is likely to be redundant.

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