robin sharkey
Robin Sharkey '16

“The graduate program at Framingham State University (FSU) is excellent on many levels. It is a hybrid program where the student is required to attend class one evening per week which works very well when balancing work and school. I had researched many programs before deciding on FSU. It had the key elements to fit in with a career, it is affordable, and is a supportive environment for the student. This was important to me as I had not been a student for ten years. The FSU Masters in Nursing Leadership program is designed to give the student an immediate network of colleagues in different areas of nursing and we all examine and learn the most current trends in nursing through the program and each other. I am a student who has over 20 years of nursing experience but not having been a student for ten years made me a bit apprehensive about the hybrid online format. One of the first classes was a technology class that I initially viewed as a hurdle, but in reality it became a class I looked forward to and enjoyed. The information is so current and state of the art and it has given me such a renewed enthusiasm for my profession. To have my years of experience now being combined with education on the most current trends in nursing is preparing me well for the next step in my career. Through the graduate classes at FSU I have a new perspective on nursing leadership and it has benefited me both personally and professionally.”

Jean McGinty
Jean McGinty '14

“FSU’s MSN program offered me hybrid classes where I was in attendance at the university just one day a week. As fascinating as the course work was (most especially the technology course), my cohorts became an integral part of my education, both in person and on the discussion boards. My 2014 graduating class showed the diversity of today’s nursing: We were inner-city teaching hospital nurses and community nurses, including home, school, and public health nurses, who came together to brainstorm about policies and procedures, share narratives and pearls of wisdom learned at the forefront of our changing healthcare. This is collaborative learning, and each of us had a role to play and feedback to share which was invaluable to the total educational experience. The two practicums in the last year brought us real time into the future positions that are now arrayed before our paths, ready to be attained for we have been led to the well of knowledge and skills, and we have drunk deep, refilling our lamps in the spirit of Florence Nightingale. With this attitude we will teach the current and the next generation of nurses, encouraging all to step up and lean in.”

Laurie Courtney '12

“My experience in the FSU MSN program was exactly what I wanted and expected from a graduate program. I like to describe the experience by saying that I had become so busy and caught up in daily routines that I could no longer see the forest for all the trees. Graduate school refocused my attention and allowed me to once again see and contemplate the forest, and then broadened my perspective beyond. The experience facilitated personal and professional growth in ways I couldn’t even imagine when enrolling.

Some things I especially appreciated about the program were the cohort/blended model and the breadth of experiences of the nurses in the program. Going through the program with a cohort provided an important built in support network, and the blended online/face-to-face classes ensured that everyone got to know each other. Even the best online communications can’t compare to impromptu discussions that occur when face-to-face. The FSU program combined the best of both worlds – the ease of online learning with the personal touch of the face-to-face classes.

Three weeks after graduating I was recruited for a position that I never would have sought out on my own and would not have been qualified for without my MSN degree. I ended up accepting the job offer and now find myself as a VP of HealthCare Services for a small private company that works with hospitals to improve their patient satisfaction rates and decrease their readmission rates. I entered the program at FSU with the hope that it would open more professional doors for me, but never thought it would change my life so quickly! I truly cherish the experience, the knowledge gained, and the wonderful nurses that I’ve added to my network of friends and peers.”

Mary Mathieu '12

“The Framingham State University MSN program in Nursing Leadership has changed my life. I am a better nurse, a better manager, and a better person because of this program. I always wanted to go back to school, often considered finances to be the barrier, and never thought I had the time. Ironically, it is these barriers that I highlight in my research writing this semester. The truth is, you always have time to do what is important to you and in this current climate of healthcare reform and current need to practice to the full extent of our license, nothing is more important than pursuing advanced nursing education. Taking the journey within a cohort of peers, younger and older, from many nursing backgrounds, has been invaluable. This wonderful group of individuals has become a support for now and for the future. I am rejuvenated and look forward to my nursing future as this degree has opened my eyes and many doors. You need to enroll in this program!”

Leila Mercer '12

“I have found the MSN Leadership Program to be invaluable in developing and strengthening my nursing leadership skills. My FSU education has given me the opportunity to take the time and the effort to evaluate myself and my leadership abilities, and to apply the principles I have learned to my public health nursing practice. The hybrid format offered the best of both worlds: face-to face interaction and sharing with others in the cohort, and the flexibility and convenience of online learning.”

Colleen Whitehouse '12

“The MSN program was the perfect fit for me. As a clinical nurse coordinator, wife, and mother of three, I was able to continue my education through the hybrid program. I will be forever grateful to the professors and wonderful classmates in the leadership cohort. The level of professionalism was palpable. The first year assignments on current health care issues were enlightening and reminded me that all nurses can make a difference. I feel that the clinic internship and practicum in the second year of the program allowed me to witness leadership styles and their effectiveness in the workplace and in life. I plan to further advance in my leadership role.”

John Poillucci
John Poillucci '10

“My education at Framingham State University Nursing Master’s program was a life changing experience. It has dramatically improved my practice as a nurse and has given me the education to pursue opportunities that were not available with my Bachelor’s degree. After graduating from FSU I was promoted at work from a staff nurse to a staff development specialist in the Main Operating Room at Massachusetts General Hospital.

The flexibility of the hybrid program is particularly suited for busy working nurses. I cannot recommend this program enough for anyone that would like to push their career and the profession of nursing forward.”

Coleen Toronto '10

“This program has enriched my life both personally and professionally. It has renewed my love for nursing and has inspired me to become an educator who desires to share her knowledge with the nurses of the future.

Early on in the program I was offered a job as a clinical adjunct faculty member at Curry College, and during my recent practicum I was asked to teach a Lifespan course for a practical nursing program.”

Rachel Slate '10

“During my second year in the MSN-Nursing Leadership program at Framingham State University, I participated in a two semester internship at the Massachusetts Nurses Association (MNA) in the Division of Health and Safety. This experience allowed me to network with hundreds of nurses in the Boston area and to build professional relationships with many staff members at the MNA. I have recently been appointed to the MNA’s Education Committee and the Congress on Health and Safety. I look forward to continuing to be actively involved in the MNA. I believe the MSN courses and professors provided me with additional skills and confidence to take on leadership roles in this professional organization.”

lisa gendron
Lisa Gendron '10

“Now that the journey has ended, I am thankful for the personal and professional growth experienced during this transformation program. I have developed an interest in curriculum design and evaluation. In my work environment, I am excited to bring this interest and share it with colleagues.

The hybrid design of the Framingham MSN Educator program afforded me the opportunity to manage my education with the other demands of life.”

Jeby Abraham '10

“The program is very intensive but helped me to get a job at Regis College in Weston even before I graduated. I worked as a clinical instructor this spring for the third year BSN students. In addition, I have been offered a position in the Nursing lab at Regis this coming fall. This is a great opportunity and I am grateful to the MSN Program for preparing me for this.”

Jeanette Cote '10

“The MSN program at Framingham State has allowed me to reach levels in my nursing career that I never dreamed of reaching. During my first practicum as a student I was afforded the opportunity to work with nursing faculty at Simmons College which led to a job offer as an adjunct faculty member.

This program has revitalized my passion for nursing and I can’t wait to pass that on to the next generation of nurses through my teaching.”

Maureen Hillier '10

“The hybrid design of the FSC MSN program was a great fit personally and professionally. Over the past 21 months, I believe the rigorous courses in the MSN Education track have prepared me well to assume part time adjunct clinical faculty positions at Curry College and Northeastern University.

With tuition reimbursement, the cost of the entire FSC program was less than what my colleagues pay in the Boston area colleges for one graduate MSN class.”

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