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Nutrition Education Specialist

Degree Requirements

This program appeals to students interested in nutrition education with other audiences and to school nutrition directors holding a bachelor’s degree who want to further their education in anticipation of future higher professional standards.

The program requires a minimum of ten (10) courses: three (3) education core courses, four (4) nutrition core courses, and three (3) elective courses, together with undergraduate prerequisite courses required for students without appropriate academic backgrounds. A minimum of ten (10) courses is required for graduation. A timed online comprehensive examination is required as the student’s culminating experience.

Prerequisite Requirements

Bachelor’s degree in one of the following related fields: food and nutrition, business and health education.

Education Core Courses (3)

PBTL 992 Learning and Human Development
NUED 911 Research Methods in Nutrition Education
NUED 973 Designing Nutrition Education Programs and Curricula

Nutrition Core Courses (4)

NUED 914 Contemporary Nutrition Issues in Schools
NUED 978 Public Health Nutrition
NUED 970 Computers in Nutrition Education
NUED 993 Independent Projects in Health and Wellness

Elective Courses (3)

Three graduate level electives are required. Disciplines may include: nutrition science, nutrition education, leadership, organizational change, grantsmanship, counseling, education, health and wellness.

Recommended electives:

EDUC 940  Adult Development and Learning
NUED 900  Leadership in Excellence in School Nutrition
NUED 922  Public Health and Nutrition Communication
NUED 936  Behavioral Health Psychology
NUTR 990  Directed Study in Food and Nutrition (not online)

All electives not on the recommended elective list must be pre-approved by the advisor. Students may transfer up to two graduate-level elective courses with the approval of the advisor.

Internet Access & Software Applications
All courses are online and a computer with Internet access and current software applications is required. Framingham State University offers a purchase program.

Program Coordinator and Advisor: Professor Janet Schwartz, Consumer Sciences

  1. Requirements are accurate to date. However, the University reserves the right to change requirements in the future, and will notify applicants should any changes be made.
  2. Applications remaining incomplete for over one year will be discarded.

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