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Degree Requirements

The Master of Arts in Public Administration consists of ten (10) courses which are divided into a core component (seven courses) and an elective component (three courses).

Students are expected to be familiar with office/management level software.

Students may take courses in any sequence subject to the following general requirements:

  1. PADM 983 Foundations of Public Administration serves as a foundation for the core and elective courses in the Public Administration program. Students must complete this course prior to taking other core courses unless an exception is given in writing by the advisor.
  2. Students must meet all course prerequisites.
  3. PADM 984 Seminar in Public Administration is the culminating course in the student’s program and may not be taken before the final semester of the program. Exceptions, requiring advisor approval, may be made for students taking an elective course over the summer. Registration for the seminar requires prior written approval from the Dean of Graduate Studies. Students will not be able to fulfill this requirement with a course transferred from another institution.

Prerequisite Course (1)
MATH 117 Introduction to Statistics OR
QUAN 676 Statistical Analysis for Managers
Core Courses (7)
MGMT 904 Management and Leadership
PADM 929 Techniques of Policy Analysis
PADM 937 Techniques of Public Budgeting & Resource Management
PADM 981 Personnel Management in the Public Sector
PADM 983 Foundations of Public Administration
PADM 984 Seminar in Public Administration
QUAN 908 Quantitative Analysis for Administrators
Elective Courses (3)
Any three courses with the written approval of the student’s advisor.
The following are suggested.
BUIS 909 Information Technology in Business
ECON 840 Public Finance
MGMT 955 Compensation and Performance Appraisal
PADM 911 Grantsmanship and Development
PADM 957 Risk Management and Fiscal Analysis

Coordinator and Advisor: Dr. George Jarnis, Government


  1. Requirements are accurate to date. However, the University reserves the right to change requirements in the future, and will notify applicants should any changes be made.
  2. Refer to appropriate catalog for Degree Requirements for prior years.

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