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Degree Requirements
The degree requires successful completion of ten (10) courses, which include three (3) core courses, six (6) required courses, and one (1) elective. An oral comprehensive examination is required of all students as the culminating experience. The exam is taken during the student’s final semester of study. A professional portfolio must be completed prior to the oral comprehensive examination as part of the degree program. Each course will require a product or project that students will add to their portfolio.
Education Core Courses (3)
EDUC 991    Philosophy of Education and Teaching Practice
EDUC 998    Language Development and Communication
EDUC 999    Research and Evaluation
(Students are recommended to enroll in this course after completion of three concentration courses)

Concentration Courses (6)
STEM 915    The Art of Engineering Design
STEM 929    Number, Operations, and Representation    
STEM 932    Poetry and Pattern in the Natural World of Science
STEM 945    21st Century Technology Tools for Teaching and Learning
STEM 959    Examining the World through Data and Shape  
STEM 962    A World Connected: Interdependence and Systems in Science

Elective (1) - to be selected from the following:
LTRC 907    Literacy Instruction 
SPED 962    Developmental Pattern of Children with Special Needs
TESL 936    The Teaching of Second Language Skills

Coordinator and Advisor: Dr. Lawrence McKenna, Dept. of Physics and Earth Sciences

  1. Requirements are accurate to date. However, the University reserves the right to change requirements in the future, and will notify applicants should any changes be made.
  2. Refer to appropriate catalog for Degree Requirements for prior years.

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