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Q.  How do I complete an insurance waiver form or enroll in the university's insurance?

A.  State law requires all full-time students (3 or more courses- Day Division, DGCE or a combination of both) attending Framingham State University to have health insurance.  If you are a full time student, you have been charged for annual coverage.  If you have coverage under an outside insurance policy, you must complete an online waiver form in the health insurance section of this web site by the due date of the eBill.  If you do not have proper health insurance coverage, you must enroll online in the health insurance program offered by the university. To waive/enroll go to the Health Insurance section of this website or at Student Accounts.  You may also link to the website through or via the link on your eBill.

Q. Can commuter students be seen at the Student Health Center?

A. Yes. To be seen at the Student Health Center you will need a completed health form, which includes a list of immunizations and a completed physical exam. It doesn't matter what health insurance you have, students are seen at the Health Center free of charge. If we need to do lab work or xrays we will have to go through your health insurance, and you will be responsible for the charges your insurance does not cover.

Q. Do you perform gynecological exams at the Health Center?

A. All of our Nurse Practioners are experienced in performing routine GYN exams, as well as dealing with episodic GYN issues. Please call to schedule any GYN services in advance so that we may allow enough time to meet your needs. Same day appointments are available.

Q. If I missed a class due to illness, can I get a class excuse from the Health Center? 

A.  Framingham State University Health Center does not  provide "sick notes" for students to professors due to a brief absence from class due to illness.  We encourage students to communicate directly with their professors about their absences.  This is meant to foster mature communication between student and professor, as well as encourage personal responsibility for class attendance decisions.

We strongly encourage students and faculty to stay out of class and other group gatherings when ill with a contagious illness (other than a routine cold.")  Social distancing, "cough etiquette," limitation of hand shaking and excellent hand-washing are important straegies especially during flu season.  We encourage faculty to consider absences in this context to be appropriate and preferable to students attending class while ill.

In the event of an anticipated absence of 3 or more consecutive days, or in the event of a communicable disease which necessitates class absence for public health reasons, students will be referred to the Dean of Students who will facilitate notification of faculty.

Q. Can you do x-rays, blood work, throat cultures, or urinalysis at the Student Health Center?

(1) If you need an x-ray for an injury or problem, you can be seen at the Health Center. We would fill out a requisition for the x-ray and send you to Metrowest Medical Center to get it done. The cost of the test would be billed to your health insurance, and you would be responsible for any cost not paid by your insurance.

(2) We can perform urinalysis here at the Health Center to rule out Urinary Tract Infections, and we will treat you based on the results. Blood work , throat cultures, and urine cultures can also be done here, but they will need to be sent out to a local lab for testing. The lab test will be billed to your health insurance.

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