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Flu has arrived in MA!

The first cases of influenza have been officially diagnosed in Massachusetts.  Now is a great time to get your flu vaccine before we see any cases on campus.  You can get the flu vaccine at any pharmacy, Urgent Care or from you primary care provider.  Please click on Seasonal Flu on the left side of this webpage to get information on prevention and treatment of the flu.  Let’s have a healthy winter!

EBOLA Information:

Ebola is a rare and deadly disease caused by infection with one of the Ebola virus strains which are found in several African countries.  There have been several outbreaks of Ebola since 1976 sporadically in Africa and this most recent outbreak has been in Liberia, New Guinea and Sierra Leone where thousands of people have been infected.  There have been 3 cases in the United States, all in people who were in close contact with someone with Ebola.  The first was a man who travelled to the US from Liberia after having been exposed to Ebola.  The other two are health care workers who cared for him.  There are reports that these 2 nurses cared for him for several days before personal protective equipment was recommended.   70-100 other people were exposed to this patient but have not come down with the disease.  These are the only cases in the US.  There have been no cases in Massachusetts.

The Framingham State University Community is at very low risk for Ebola exposure.  We have no international students studying with us from West Africa nor do we have students studying abroad in West Africa.  In order to get infected with Ebola you have to have direct contact with the bodily fluids of someone who is sick with Ebola.   The director of the Health Center is in close contact with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health through weekly conference call updates.  We do not expect any cases at FSU but we do have a plan in place if there is a suspected case and will follow the guidance of the MA DPH. 

For further information about Ebola, please see these websites:

The current immunization requirements for entry into Framingham State University are listed below. 

General Laws of Massachusetts: 105 CMR 220.100; 200.400; 220.600:  No student shall attend a postsecondary institution without a certificate of immunization. Immunizations required for entry into the state school system include: 2 MMRs, and 1 TdaP within the last 5 years, 3 doses of Hepatitis B, a meningitis shot or completed waiver form, 2 doses of the Varivax (chickenpox vaccine) or a personal history of the disease will be required for entry. The regulations apply to all full-time undergraduate and graduate students, regardless of year of birth.

MEASLES - Two doses MMR given at least one month apart and on or after 1st birthday.

HEPATITIS B - Three doses of hepatitis vaccine: 2nd dose given 1-2 months after the first and 3rd dose 4-6 months after the 1st.

Varicella Vaccine- Dose 1 (on or after 1st birthday)  Dose 2 given at least 4 weeks after Dose 1, or documentation of the disease.

OR - A blood test report documenting a positive immune titer for the above diseases (titer values and interpretation must be included.)

TDAP (tetanus that includes pertussis.)  WITHIN 5 Years This is the tetanus vaccine that includes pertussis. The State of MA requires the TDAP instead of the TD vaccine for incoming students because there have been an increase of pertussis in the young adult population in Massachusetts.

MENINGOCOCCAL VACCINE - One dose Meningiococcal vaccine (either Menomune or Menactra) is required of all new residential students.   You must receive the vaccine at least 2 weeks (or more) before coming to campus. Please read the information from the Department of Public Health about meningitis and the meningococcal vaccine. If, after reading this material, you decide you do not want the vaccine, you can sign the waiver form (in the FORMS section of the website,) declining the vaccine. Return the waiver form to Health Services with the rest of your health form. The American College Health Association recommends this vaccine, especially for freshmen living in the dorms.  If  you do not have this vaccine, you must sign a waiver (in form section.)



  • You were born or traveled in Africa, Asia (except Japan), Central/South America, Mexico, Eastern Europe, the Caribbean or the Middle East
  • You or a household member have HIV or use intravenous drugs
  • You have worked in a high-risk congregate setting such as a prison

All immunizations (except meningitis) can be given to students at Health Services for a charge of $15.00 per immunization. TB testing can also be done, for a charge of $15.00. All students requiring a TB test for Field Study or Student Teaching are welcome to come in. TB testing is done on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays only from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Whenever possible, such immunizations are to be obtained prior to enrollment or registration. However, students subject to 105 CMR 220.600 may be enrolled or registered provided that the required immunizations are obtained within 30 days of registration and provided, further, that the postsecondary institution has policies and procedures for ascertaining which students have failed to obtain the necessary immunizations within 30 days, and for taking appropriate follow-up action to ensure compliance.

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