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Framingham Normal School
framingham normalOn December 15, 1853, George B. Emerson, a member of the Board of Education, presented the Normal School at Framingham with its first official seal at the dedication of the school.  The seal was based on the Massachusetts state seal at the time, which featured a Native American standing in profile with a bow and arrow, and a star next to the right shoulder within the center shield.  Surrounding the shield within an oval belted band were the words “The First State Normal School.”  Above the band in a cloud mass were the words “Live to Truth.”  Acanthus leaves decorate the border.  (From First State Normal School in America: The State Teachers College at Framingham, Massachusetts, 1839-1939, p. 6.)

Framingham State Teachers College
Framingham TeachersIn 1936, several years after the State Normal School was renamed the State Teachers College at Framingham, a new seal was designed which incorporated the original seal.  The oval belt now enclosed the words “The First State Normal School in America,” in reference to the College’s historic status.  Above the oval was the school’s motto, now “Live to the Truth.”  The acanthus leaves were modified.  Two concentric rope-like circles formed the framework of the seal, and enclosed the words “State Teachers College – Framingham, Mass.”  Artist Adrian Iorio of the Boston Foundry Company designed this college seal.  (From First State Normal School in America: The State Teachers College at Framingham, Massachusetts, 1839-1939, p. 39.)

State College at Framingham
State College at FraminghamIn 1960, with the introduction of the new liberal arts curricula, the college again changed its name, this time to the State College at Framingham.  The seal remained much the same as the FSTC seal, with the only modification being in the outside band that now enclosed the words “State College – Framingham, Massachusetts.”

Framingham State College
fscIn 1968, the college’s name was finally changed to Framingham State College.  The seal was modified to a cleaner, more modern look, with the basic elements remaining in place.  Design alterations included the name change, new fonts, the addition of the date of 1839 signifying the founding date of the college, and a scalloped outside border. 

The redesigned seal was being used by the early 1970s, the 1971-72 college catalogue being the first known usage in a publication.

Framingham State College

fscIn 2008 the college redesigned the seal as part of a logotype. The new logotype, by Stoltze Design, maintains a link to our history while simplifying the forms. The typeface is the modern and classic typeface Minion.

Framingham State University

fsuOn July 28, 2010, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick signed legislation creating a state university system in the Commonwealth. Six of the nine state colleges, including Framingham State, became state universities with the three specialty colleges retaining their names but joining the new state university system. The logo was updated to include the new “university” distinction with a round logo and a rectangular logo, used on the Framingham State website.

Framingham State University

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