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Honors Papers & Masters Theses  

Honors Papers

Aranoff, Harriet Hanel. Father Coughlin: A Study in Crisis Politics. 1970.

Arruda, Carole J. Sex-Role Stereotyping in Regional High School Counseling Programs in Massachusetts. May, 1976.

Bagley, Jean. Traditional Elementary Education Versus Independent Research in Preparation for Teaching the Disadvantaged Child. May, 1968

Bryson, Virginia. The Effect of Temperature and Storage Period on the Quality of Frozen Rolls. March, 1959.

Casella, Ghislaine A. La Fonction de la Peinture dans "A la Recherche du Temps Perdu" de Marcel Proust. December, 1973.

Crowley, Kathleen. Discrimination of Women in the Legal Field: The Late Nineteenth Century Through the Twentieth Centruy. May, 1996.

Derby, Sylvia B. A Study of Wood Duck (Aix sponsa) in an Artificial Environment. May, 1968.

Fermoyle, Diane Gaynor. Beckett and Ionesco: The Realm of Paradox. 1967.

Ford, Patricia A. Food Habits of Preschool Children. May, 1969.

Garrahan, Martha Ann. The Neglected Art. 1961.

Gedymin, M. Elaine. A Modern Farmhand: Antibiotics. April, 1965

Giera, Patricia. Dietetically Frozen Fruits. May, 1965.

Hannum, Margaret L. Sendsation or Revelation: James Baldwin's Dialectical Struggle. January, 1968.

Kent, Linda. A Study in Comparative Cosmology: Maya, Hopi and Navajo. 1973.

Lopez, Mary E. Interaction in Families with a Schizophrenic Child. 1974.

McGee, Jennifer Anne. Feminist Theory: The Roles of Modern Women in the Family. May, 1996.

Meegan, Mary-Ellen. Evaluation of an Experimental Method of Teaching Physical Science to First Year College Students and to Elementary School Pupils. May, 1966.

Morse, Deborah. A Study of Flame Resistant Fabric Finishes. January, 1971.

Mutty, Nancy Rita. The Effects of a Kindergarten Education on Achievement in the First Grade. 1970.

Pitt, Priscilla N. The Gifted Child. January, 1962.

Ramsey-Swartz, Sharon M. The Psychological Effect of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome on the Family and Friends of Persons with AIDS. December, 1989.

Rehbein, Karen. The Asian Problem in East Africa. 1972.

Ventre, Mary Lou. A Study of Five Fashion Designers: Their Philosophies, Influence on Society, and Interrelationships. May, 1968.

Worcester, Nancy Ann. The Durable Press Finish. May, 1968.

Yeaton, Eletha. Farther Than the Arrow. May, 1968.

Zilinskas, Barbara A. Biosynthesis of Allophycocyanin: The Effect of Red Light Upon the Production of Allophycocyanin. 1969.

Masters Theses

Colbert, Paul J. A Comparative Analysis of the Development of Artistic Skills and Creativity in Elementary Art Education in an Open, a Team-Teaching and a Traditional Clasroom. 1974.

Sposato, Charles. The Dionysian-Apollonian Concept in Friedrich Nietzsche and Nikos Kazantzakis. December, 1973.

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