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Manuscript Collections 

The Manuscript Collections consist of the personal papers of members of the University community dating from its founding to the present. They include journals, letters, clippings, essays, drawings, postcards, photographs, and memorabilia. Brief descriptions of most of the collections are available both in the NUCMC/OCLC database and in the Minuteman Library Network catalog. More detailed descriptions are located in the Special Collections.

List of the Manuscript Collections

Collection Number

Edward S. Adams

MC 1

David E. Berger

MC 2

Mary Caswell Everett

MC 3

Edith Hyde Fay

MC 4

Louisa E. Harris

MC 5

Bessie Marjorie Haskell

MC 6

Jennie E. Howard

MC 7

Cheryl (Cleaves) Jackson

MC 8

Bertha Johnston

MC 9

Marion Margaret Macdonald

MC 10

Frances Merritt

MC 11

Fannie Ethel Proctor

MC 12

Louie Gertrude Ramsdell

MC 13

Jennie I. Rice

MC 14

Ann E. Shannon

MC 15

Julia Ann Smith

MC 16

Lydia Ann Stow

MC 17

Henry Whittemore

MC 18

Japanese Scroll

MC 19

St. John's Church

MC 20

Ruth H. Shirt Porter

MC 21

Judith Thatcher Werner

MC 22

Beatrice Whittier Turner

MC 23

Barbara Nadya Wylder Wochok

MC 24

Olive Phillips Heathcote

MC 25

 Nellie L. Wight

 MC 26

 Susan A. Smith

 MC 27

 Mary F. Peirce

 MC 28

 Rev. Cyrus Peirce

 MC 29

 Mary Swift Lamson

 MC 30

 Ellen Hyde

 MC 31

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